Gimme shelter!


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Okay....coupla q's...

1. How long should I get a lease for? I'm thinking a year shouldn't be too long....

2. Anyone live in Canterbury Place? Kinda looks like a dive, but it's cheap. I can't find the sq. ft-age on their web site. Anybody know for a 2br?

3. How about pines....looks overpriced.

Anyone with reccomendations? I have pets (1 small dog, 1 small cat), need a 2br, can't share (wife is coming with me)....Hints?


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Hey Chunkage . . I am in the same boat. I haven't found anything really desirable in the newspaper, or from a realtor there in Vero, and I am leaving CA on April 30th . . . So I guess I will get a motel room and look around. I went to the Pines when I was there in FEB . . office unlocked, nobody anywhere to be seen. I waited for about 15 minutes and left. Canterbury had no apts available when I was there. How many on this board will be attending FSI in the next 2 or 3 months?
Good Luck
I know the pines and Cantebury. I think Cantebury is pretty resonable, there are lot's of Flight Safety Students around...I wouldn't call it a dive...
I will be starting the first week in July. I have yet to find anything reasonable in Vero. I subscribed to real estate mailing via the Vero Beach Chamber of Commerce. I received 4 or 5 mailing will little results from them. My plan is to live on-campus for awhile until I find anotther place. I assume there will be postings for available apartments on-campus at the bulletin board, plus reccomendations from other FSI cadets. From what I saw on the tour and what some students told me, the on-campus housing is not a bad way to go. Only about $17 per night, weekly maid service, and you do not have to sign a contract. Plus, wake up 15 minutes before class and make it on time!
Let me know if you guys find anything!
I paid the CoCommerce $5 for a figgin' street map. Yesterday, I got a free one in the mail from FSI marketing...D@mn it! I'm gonna miss that $5 when I'm working at Wal-Mart trying to pay the rent!

Chunk <--Already glad I picked FSI....
Chunkage, have you already filled out your paperwork, sent in your driving record, paid the application fee, and tuition fee? If so, have they sent you anything back?
Yeah...I sent all that (except for the class 1...I can't do it here in Japan), but didn't get anything back until I sent the $1K. Then I received the training agreement and a curriculum book that had all the rules, syllabi, etc. etc. etc.

I signed and mailed the training agreement, but haven't received anything in reply...I don't think anything is coming.

I have to get my Class 1 before registering the friday before classing up. Class start date 03 June.

And you?

I have got all my stuff together, I have not sent it yet, I think I will just drop it off when I get there. I have got 14 hours left to finish as PIC, then I will have the requirements to reduce my program time from 26 weeks to 18 weeks. It was a lot cheaper to fly here, and I knew they had Pipers, so I changed from a C-172 to a PA28-151 to finish my crosscountry and pic. I will go in on a part 61. After researching and visiting a lot of schools, I feel (especially because of my age) FS is the best place for me.
I guess the grand weeds out the people who are not really serious. I will start in June, so when I get there the first week of May, I will make my "reservation". When are you starting?
I lived at Canterbury Place while I was at FlightSafety last year. The apartments are fine -- nothing spectacular but they try to keep them in decent shape. Rent is fairly decent and they are only about 5 minutes from the airport. A lot of FlightSafety people end up living there. The thing is that they are usually full so you'll have to wait to get in. I lived in a FlightSafety dorm for my first month in Vero Beach.