Getting a medical after a long pause


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I'm getting back into flying after a long hiatus and the last time I got a medical was circa 2010.
I'm scheduled to go in for a new medical tomorrow and I'm wondering if there is anything that I need to do before I step foot in the doc's office.
I asked the receptionist that scheduled my appointment and all she said is that "I need to visit the FAA's site", no additional information provided.
Appreciate any tips but if it's as simple as walking in then I should be all set.


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Fill out MedExpress and keep the confirmation number. Maybe schedule a consultation first with the AME to make sure you can pass whatever medical you’re trying to pass.


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Here's the link: Login

The FAA stopped doing paper medical applications a while ago. You do this in advance and then give the doc the confirmation number.

Second @Jordan93's comment about doing a pre-consult if you have any concerns about passing. If you are an AOPA member, they have a simulated medical app which will warn you of potential problem areas.


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If you've held a medical after 7/14/2006 and your flying would fall under the restrictions of BasicMed, then don't do the medical and get certified under BasicMed. Why risk it?