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About a month from now I've got make a day trip into Manhattan. I'm trying to get opinions on the best GA airport, considering fuel, fees, transportation, ATC, etc. I used to fly out of FRG, but I don't remember the LIRR being close enough to the airport to be worthwhile . We're considering TEB or LDJ. Any thoughts? What about HPN?

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We use TEB (also coming out of the BUF area)...Meridian South is the FBO we use all the time. Buy 15 gallons and you get most of the fees waived. I believe the only one that stays is the landing fee which isn't a function of the FBO, rather it's the airport.
KTEB will be your closest option, but it can be a challenge if you are unfamiliar with the area, and also quite expensive. If you do go to Teterboro, I have two words for you. Alpine Tower. Know it, because if your coming anywhere from 360'-180' theres a good chance your going to be told direct Alpine.

Other options would be HPN (catch a cab to the train station and take metro north into grand central) or essex/caldwell CDW
I'd vote for HPN. Very easy to get into. Always had good service at Panorama - reasonable fuel prices for the NY area. If you are flying VFR make sure you call NY Approach as you enter the area, they'll give you a code and sequence you in before turning you over to tower. Obviously watch your altitude, HPN lies just under the edge of the Class B shelf of the NY airports.
Screw it... just land at LGA haha, j/k

Another one to check out thats a little easier than TEB is FRG. Its on Long island and its really easy to get the bus or train into Manhattan.
Or go for the new seaplane lanes in the Hudson - they have a great ferry service that will take you right to the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
Locals keep this place a secret....a nice diner on site does great omlettes...


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