Full time CFII - Torrance, CA


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A few months ago Pacific Skies Aviation hired three new AWESOME CFI's for the busy summer schedules. Summer may be over, but we're still super busy and anticipating more (those starting CFI's are already swamped). Wanted to extend the opening for anyone on here, or others you would kindly like to refer.

We're a flight school in Torrance (KTOA), adjacent to a beautiful practice area on the south coast of Palos Verdes and Los Angeles harbor. Fleet consists of 4 Cessna 172's (one glass panel), a Cessna 182 turbo RG, full motion PFC flight simulator, and more equipment expected before the end of the year.

Looking for team members that would be the right fit to our continually growing flight school. Check out our website, attend one of our BBQ's, don't be afraid to call me directly... just because we're structured and professional doesn't mean we leave out the fun. ;-)

Starting pay for the right candidate is $25, with possible increase to $30+ after steady employment.