Front Page of The NY Times

Well, hopefully these guys won't get in trouble. In our Ops Manual it said we weren't allowed to talk got the media!
The one standing by the hangar door was fat, I dont think he has the not getting a chance to eat problem at least.
The one in the hangar door was not Paul Nietz, the one who made the eating comment.

I know Paul. Flew with him many times.
I don't get it, if your company forces you to work at a level where you might end up at the bottom of a smoking hole for $xx not enough money, why don't you pick up your and tell them to go themselves?
I sure hope I'm not the only one who is analyzing this . . . this way. . .

So, do you want to be on the management team that pays their pilots the lowest dollar NOW?

It's quite clear that pay questions related to regional pilots is hitting an amazing homerun in the public's eye and media right now. I sure as hell hope we are able to capitalize on our opportunity to turn things around - "So, you guys want to pay us the lowest wage in the industry - still?" Just have to toss them a couple newspapers with such articles across the table:

How's the perception now? You like them apples?