Freight dog meme


"Cleared direct destination"
Did you take that picture with a potato?

It was whatever Sprint was selling to idiots in ~2005. So yes, probably basically a potato. Although to be fair, and as you point out, I don't think the resolution was the biggest problem for the image quality. Whatever the case, the phone was definitely at least 20 years newer than the radar.

PS. I hadn't noticed until now how hilariously split the ITTs were. Heh. Probably didn't even occur to me that it was weird at the time.
Wait, that's not normal? With the low temp engine for some reason burning 50pph more?

Well, you know. When there are two of them one's Red Alert threashold seems to be a bit higher! Plus, IMS, this was at like 3am and I just wanted to get Home. I mean, come on, what's the worst that could happen? Don't answer that.
It is an amazing thing to find yourself in the mid-20s trying to navigate between various rapidly-building cells that looked oh-so-harmless on the radar at the departure airport and recognize that you're either going to have to go back where you came from and sleep in the plane or just cinch down the seatbelt and use your animal cunning to get home. IMS, on this particular flight, I wound up at like 3000ft for at least 100 miles, dodging shafts and essentially flying VFR at 250knots. I particularly relish the memory of looking out the side window and watching the (full, if you look at the panel in the pic) tip tanks bouncing up and down, just sort of sitting there and wondering whether someone used the right torque wrench to fasten them down at the last MX...