Former Employees Of ATA, Please Read


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Former Employees,
You still need to file a claim for moneys owed to you by ATA. If you do not send in the form, then you will not receive any funds. Employees may file a personal claim for back pay as a creditor. You should be able to file as a unsecured priority claim for wages, salaries or commissions up to $ 4,650 earned within 90 days before the filing of the bankruptcy petition or cessation of the debtor’s business (ATA). Because the filing date was after the school closed, we are due all wages, salary and unused vacation time.

Download and print the form from the Federal Judiciary’s web site at: Go to number 10 and print out the form. It will be 2 pages. Form B10 is the one that needs to be filled out and mailed in to this address:
The United States Bankruptcy Court
Middle District of Florida
135 W. Central Blvd.
Suite 950
Orlando, FL 32801

The second page is the instructions. First blanks are MIDDLE District of FLORIDA Name of Debtor: AIRLINE TRAINING ACADEMY. Case Number: 03-03571-6B7.

Check the small box: Check box if you have never received any notices from the bankruptcy court in this case.
1. Basis for Claim: Wages, salaries, and compensation

The rest of the form should be filled out : #’s 2, 4, 6. Number 8 would be the copy of a last check stub that shows weekly pay, unused vacation pay due. Number 9 is for acknowledgment of the filing of your claim. DON’T FORGET TO DATE AND SIGN FORM AT BOTTOM. Send the filled out form along with a self addressed return envelope for a copy of your claim along with the original claim form. It is for your records.

I Hope this helps and hope that we get our pay. According to the clerk of the court, we are next in line after the secured creditors are paid.

All former employees need to relay this information and contact as many friends (ATA employee) as possible. It is the only way we will receive the back pay due. Network with all that you have contact with and have them do the same. All the office staff, Flight Instructors, MT's and others need to be informed. Should we start a web site for former employees????