For all the 'YouTube' pilots out there....


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The Federal Aviation Administration has begun scrutinizing YouTube videos taken from the cockpits of Horizon Air planes.

Although most of the videos have been taken down, the FAA and Horizon Air confirmed they are cooperating in an investigation into possible cockpit violations in which pilots allowed personal electronic devices to be used to record takeoffs and landings.


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Heh. There were quite a few of these that were Pinnacle flights, too. The insane thing is the date of the flight and the flight number were posted for some of them. Let's just say it probably wasn't too hard to find out who was responsible......


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Meanwhile, countless illegal and unsafe charter operations continue on in south FL while the FAA looks the other way. What BS this is... Horizon is probably just trying to figure out how to can some more pilots.
Isn't that the truth. . .

The best government money can buy.


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Ahh, because they've got that pilot fatigue problem whipped, runway incursion issues worked out and all of the other important stuff worked out so they're just bored now, eh? :)


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Those are just too TOUGH to fix Dough.

I hope all of us have contacted our elected officials regarding our outrage in regards to duty limits to train engineers, while we continue to get goat roped at 16 hour duty days.

Train engineers. . .12 hours.


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This is ridiculous. Even Rand Peck, Northwest Captain and well known aviation writer has videos he has taken from the jumpseat on his blog. There are clearly other things to worry about.


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"FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer said Monday that the agency had just learned of the videos and could not comment further on its investigation."

I like how these vidoes have been floating around the net for years, yet the agency just found about them just a few days ago. What a joke.



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hrmmm. so what if my vids are day VFR and the instrument/radios are not actually of any concern?


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Re: ALERT! FAA looks at videos taken in cockpits

Anything can interfere with aircraft navigation systems - cats, silverware, China.


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hrmmm. so what if my vids are day VFR and the instrument/radios are not actually of any concern?
You'll be fine.

But commercial airline pilots are in a world of poop if they get caught. They're flying under IFR so they can't use unapproved electronic devices.

A stupid rule? Absolutely. But is it something they can nail you for? Yes.


I have a buddy who is a captain on a Dash at an airline somewhere. He took some videos on a Part 91 Ferry flight, and some FAA moron saw the N number and tried to take his certs. His company fought for him, and took care of the situation. The FAA is a real "tool" about this stuff. It's not about safety, it's about who is bigger than who...


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Everything is up to the PIC, kind of. The PIC cannot deviate from rules except to the extent necessary to respond to an emergency. In the 121 world you cannot use electronics during certain phases of flight. Also, you cannot have non-essential conversations or do any non-essential activities while in a sterile phase of flight. Major bummer, yes, but it is the rules. The no-fun during sterile phase of flight also applies to the 135 world (at least it spelled it out in the ops specs for both outfits I flew for). PICs do not have the authority to counter any of this during normal operations.