Flying Car

I can see numerous problems with this plan.......

1. What happens when your unlicensed citizen has a few too many and crashes into the first neighborhood?

2. What happens when you get into a minor fender bender in a parking lot, still take off anyway later on and eat it because of some small bend in the plane/car somewhere?

I just don't like the way most people drive these days, and it truly bothers me that now I'll have to start watching whats coming at me from above now instead of from the sides. But, I guess it's all in the name of progress.
I never thought of that option for some reason.

But would you be able to trust the machine? I mean, esp if you live in the northeast and its a bad day outside (or anywhere else for that matter). Will the machine have to be smart enough to NOT let itself fly even though the user keeps telling it to?
Flying car?

It has been done before and, sorry about this, but I have to, it did not take off then either!
Flying cars would be hilarious. Could you imagine how many drunk fliers we'd have when Johnny Slickback decides to take the neighborhood barfly for a jaunt around the neighborhood?

Cleanup on aisle five... :)
I don't know if I could trust the engine that is in the airplane. I have heard from a lot of Rotax owners how their engines work sometimes and not. I would rather have an engine made specifically for airplanes and not a vehicle engine. 2 cents.
It would be interesting to have a horn while flying. I don't think that the operation of a/c engines at road paces - accelerate, stop, repeat, would do wonders for recommended tbo, let alone reliability.
Flying cars would be hilarious. Could you imagine how many drunk fliers we'd have when Johnny Slickback decides to take the neighborhood barfly for a jaunt around the neighborhood?

Cleanup on aisle five... :)

Irv I wasn't even IN aisle five!
Getting into a car is a brainless activity; getting into an airplane is not. This is the worst of both worlds.

I predict market failure.
:yeahthat: Most people are too lazy to put the work into getting a pilot's license. Not to mention that's way out of the price range for most people. It'll be just another aeronautical oddity/hobby type plane.
It'll be just another aeronautical oddity/hobby type plane.

I guess that's what came to my mind too. The previous version of this idea never did all that well so I wonder why anyone thinks it'll do better today, particularly in this economy.

I assume someone thought they'd make money with it but what led them to this conclusion and who poured the money into the project ? This can't have been cheap to design/build.

Actually, it looks like a business decision I'd make...:insane:

P.S. I want one....
First off, this car isn't being marketed toward car owners. It's being marketed toward pilots. This will be licensed under "sport" so not just anyone can hop in and go for a flight. You will need at least a sports pilots license, not to mention $200K. As for my opinion...I think it would be great thing to have, about the time the cops pull up behind me to pull me over for speeding, I can just extend the wings, and fly off into the sunset, leaving Mr. Cop standing there scratching his head....:D
Aside from my fantasy of leaving the cops in the dust (and I know I'm not the only one:D) I can think of many things impractable about this car.

For one, you go to the supermarket, someone parks too close to you, opens their door and puts a dent in your car/airplane. Are you going to have to call an A&P, and spend $10,000 to get it fixed.... Also, would the FAA have to re-certify the plane for flight after any minor accident?

Here's another one. From what I've heard (and I know nothing about it, just heard it) regular gasoline doesn't do so well at high altitudes. So if you live on the west coast, can you really get enough altitude up to fly OVER the mountains.

I guess you wouldn't want to trust the valet to park your car.

How about the aerodynamics while driving. You've got your wings standing straight up. What happens when you're driving down the freeway at 80mph and come upon a sharp curve. You'll be fighting the wings that are standing straight up, and wanting the car to keep going straight. I totally suck at aerodynamics, but it seems to me this would be the case.

Would you want to drive around a $200K car and have to worry about other drivers, hitting deer, driving it down a dirt road? It's not very practical but it shows creative ingenuity at best. With our current economic mess it wouldn't hurt to have a good "look forward" project to show the world America is still the leader and inovator of the world.