flying and pills


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Hey Scorp,

There is a place in the Jetcareers auction for non-aviation related items. Just for when you want to sell your thyroid or something.

If you really thought we might have been serious, and that I want a kidney to keep on the coffe table (actually that would be kind of cool...umm nevermind) then I've got some land up in Aspen Colorado I'd like to talk to you about.

r2f - I thought we were talking about a kidney. If you want the liver you can have it, livers are nasty
I call dibbs on the spleen. Want the colon? I think we could work something out.


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WWHHOOOPS! I meant kidney.... not liver. Sorry.

Scorp - buddy - you disappoint. For the record - it's all been a runnin' joke. Thought you knew that.

Of course - if you wanna be serious..........


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no.. thanks flyguy.... I don't think I'd live an hour without my spleen.... .thyroid - well i don't even know what that does..

hey..... i just though of something/ a question...

what would happen if we loose one of our nuts..???..
I mean...

can it be transplanted ??? I'm sure you could still work with an airline with just 1 testicle.

Plus you can still reproduce with just 1....

" for the record." I don't plan on selling my nuts either...

but.. I do wonder how much someone can get for selling it..

P.s.. I hope no one is offended by this post...


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Yup. You can still reproduce if you're a uni-nut. My cousin was diagnosed with tesitcular cancer shortly after he got married. Had the surgery - everything went fine. Cancer gone (along with one member). ANd today, he has two beautiful children!


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I would never want another man's nuts in my sack. Sorry Scorp - no sale, although it would be cool to have 3.

A guy with 3 testicles walks into a bar. He gets drunk and stands up on the counter and says, "I'll bet everyone in here a round of drinks that between the bartender and I, we have 5 nuts." The bartender then says "buddy, you'd better have 4!"


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... that was funny..

hey... men.. these are quality nuts here.... theres no flaw to it.
Well it's been kicked by a girl with boots in Jr hight school before. ( I totaly deserved that ) .. but their still good nuts
... good size, nice and fluffy. you know like a pilow

If you want to become a real man..

well then i'd recommend getting these nuts..

hey guys...

how do you do that big picture thing....

I want to show you my product