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I can't get in touch with my AME. so i thougt maybe someone here my know the answer to this questuion..

My big toe has been numb for 1 day now( 24hrs)... and i went to the dock.. she said it could be some nerv compresson( something of that sort) she gave me some IBUPROFEN (MOTRIN EQ) 800MG Tablets and told me to take it three times a day & gave me some therapy advice( for my toe)

Is it is it possible to still fly while taking this pill..
has anybody flown after taking IBUPROFEN/ MOTRIN ??

any repies will be helpful..
Hey Scorp. I don't have the exact answer to your question, but I didn't want to leave you hangin'.

I'd wait and find out something from your doc before trying to fly again.... Never hurts to be TOO safe in aviation. Err on the side of caution. Cool, man?

Dude - about that toe - why ya gotta tell us about your jacked up toe?? I gotta eat in a few, man!! JEEZ!! /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif /ubbthreads/images/icons/tongue.gif
First of all, the medication you were prescribed was Advil. I don't know whether the Dr. told you that or not. Advil has some anti-inflammatory effects which is why she wants you to take it. You could just buy any over-the-counter Advil/Motrin/generic ibuprofen and take 4 of them. (OTC Advil is 200mg tablets 4x200=800 mg). Second of all, that's alot of Motrin...2400 mg (your per day total) is alot. I hope she told you not to take that much for more than a couple of weeks. 800 mg of Ibuprofen can make you quite drowsy so don't fly while you're taking it. R2F is right, it's just not worth it to risk it. But, I'm sure many people have flown after taking Ibuprofen, although the normal dosage for something like a headache is 200 mg, not 800mg.
She told me not to take any Advil while on this..( hopefuly just for a week)

she told me to take it 3 times a day.. and that is also what is written on the bottle... I'v taken two already and ( breakfast and lunch) I feel fine. I'm going to see if the way i feel change before i go flying again... if after taking the pill and i feel fine then I'll probably go flying.. RIght now I'm working on my X- Country( First flight Tommorrow)

so if everything feels good today then I'll probably go up Tommorrow.. ( although my big toe is still Numb for the 2nd day in a row. it's kinda improving alittle bit though.. I think ) ( I took some blood test today.. hope it's just the nerv compresson like the doc said. and nothing else..

sorry ready to fly.. /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif .. enjoy your Dinner /ubbthreads/images/icons/smirk.gif /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif
"thanks doctor zi-zmore my numb big toe is gone..""

no more numb big toe .... yaaaaaaaaa...

I can feel my toe.. yaaaaaaaaa...

no more Pills for me .. yaaaaaaaaaa...

do you have to tell an airline if you'v got a missing finger, or toe ,or both finger and toe???

just asking ( i don't have a missing toe or finger " for the record" .... it was probably a compressed nerv like the doc said ( thank god" )

is their any rule / law in the FAA book that says you can't donate an organ ex: Kidney. ????

what happens if your with a good Airline and you want / need to donate a Kidney.. will they fire ( let you go) and hire some new cheap blood.. you will they keep you empoyed and wait till you recover??? and use you for publicity...
Hey Scorp! How much you askin' for that kidney?? Don't need it now, but you never know when that damage from them college days is gonna surface.

no.. no.. no... you guyz have it all wrong...

I'm not selling any of my organs/ body parts..

nor do i plan to..... I would donate my Kidney to save someones life ( no cash ).

I was just wonder in if an Airline would give someone the boot( layoff/ fire them) If they go under the Knife. To give an extra organ to someone who needs it.

. will an airline give someone a chance to recover from a liver/ kidney transplant. Or hire some new (fresh cheap blood ex: a new hire).... will someone loose there medical certificate from a transplant or Implant ???

I don't have kidney problems... or anything..( thank god) ..

i was just wondering... just in case one day i have to give one of my kidney's to someone close to me, family memeber, good friends, who need a transplant/ blood transfusion..

I'm just the type of person that likes to think ahead, and live everyday of my life like there is a Tommorrow.
Just so you know, your "extra" kidney isn't so much extra... if you donate it expect to siginficantly shorten your life span..
I'v seen what alchol can do to people at my young age..

those alcholic beverage need to be treated with respect or they will unleash their furry on you... it could mess up your life, career, dreams, goals, and it can kill you and other if miss- used and abused..

treat those drinks with respect... .I'm sure you all do that..
Thanks Scorp. Will do.

Dude - I got.....(diggin' through pockets).... like a buck-fiddy! Zat gonna help ya out? A buck-fiddy for a kidney. Now THAT's bargain!!
yea... i heard something like that.... hopefully i will never have to make a decison like that... but if i had too...

well then.. " no body lives forever" with one or two kidneys, anything can still
happen to someone in life.. .." 9/11 also proved that.." ( nobody knew they were gona go that day)

Nobody lives forever..
if i make it from XX-XXX years old( God willing)
i'll be really happy.. ( hopefully XX is more than 85 )

honestly.. i hope i never have to give away my kidney..
there the greatest Beans in the world

hey ready- fly...... no.... deal.... a buck-fiddy... men i know you can do better than that..... alright let's start the biddin- @ $ 100.00 .. anybody for a $100.00 ... come-on... this is Genuiwn Kidneys here... $100.00 ??
I'll take it for $100. I always thought it would be cool to have a kindney around the house. At the very least it would make an interresting conversation piece for the coffee table.
ONE Hunny dolla and fiddy cents!!! ($100.50)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on Flyguy - whatchu got???

Scorp - you can't bid on your own kidney, dude.
I don't know...$100 seems reasonable, but I don't think I can come up with $100.50. I'll let you have it r2f.
Hey Scorp - looks like I win da liva!!!

Now, don't be going out and getting tanked with my new liver. I don't need it now, but since I now own it - I expect you to take care of it until such time that I may require it's services. (God I need to get out of the legal field!)

You got a PayPal setup????
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no.. no.. no... you guyz have it all wrong...

I'm not selling any of my organs/ body parts..
nor do i plan to..... I would donate my Kidney to save someones life ( no cash ).

[/ QUOTE ]

just for the records... I was just playing along to what i thought was a joke.. I was not auctioning my kidney, nor did i intend to.....
reasons written below...

Hey Flyguy.

. i really don't intend to sell my kidney... If for some reason i was.. well i still would not be able to sell it on this site.. because it's Just for " aviation related stuff " ...

If for some reason i would have auction it here.. well then that would make my Kidney( legaly) somebody elses.. i want the option to give my kidney to someone who needs it ( ex: Family Members/ friends/ Family friends) at that specific moment.. I want that option to give it to someone i know who needs it @ that specific moment..

Just for the records( Readytofly) ....I was Just playing along with what i thought was a joke ..

was it a joke ?? or were you serious.... cuz I though it was a joke ( a question for the record
) ???

Hey ....I'm just trying to save my own ass from a lawyer turned Pilot :? )

p.s.. no i don't have Paypal..

P.s.. is it true that you can't trust a lawyer ???
cuz Boy are they sneaky...