Florida to Oregon


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I am looking for an aviation job, i have commercial S/E, M/E, instrument, and CFI, also have line work and parts dispatch experience. looking to work either close to florida or close to oregon.
(flying or non flying)

thank you!

e-mail blakecathcart@live.com
I'd def talk to Hillsboro Aviation in Hillsboro, OR (outside of Portland)...and Troutdale, outside of Portland.

Lane County Community College in Eugene might have some openings as well.

Hope this helps!
Hillsboro is currently over staffed but you could try giving them a call. Its tough out there good luck!
Lane was looking for someone a couple of months ago. Willamette Aviation in Aurora might be looking.
yea Hillsboro is over staffed. I applied out there, but very doubtful... They do a ton of rotor work.
Pacific Aviation NW in Grants Pass, OR was looking for 2 CFIs/Charter pilots.

Reliant Aviation in Albany, OR had a job posting a few weeks back for a CFII/Pt.135 pilot.

If you want to go back to Oregon, most companies require a CFII!