Florida JAA/FAA flight schools...


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International Flight Training Academy
European Flight Training
Orlando Flight Training
Ormond Beech Aviation
Phoenix East Aviation
Naples Air Center
Epic Aviation

If you have any experience/knowledge about these schools...if you could please share your thoughts on them with us.

Also...your thoughts on whether to do FAA/JAA training simultaneusly or get all FAA ratings, build time in US, then convert to JAA. Thoughts on the difficulty and cost of each.

No direct experience with any of those schools. I know the company that owns Orlando Flight Training. I did my training with them in the UK, but no experience with OFT itself.

As for doing FAA/JAA simultaneously or one then the other, I think there are pros and cons to each. I would say that If your final goal is JAA, then make JAA your priority. Getting JAA is a much more involved process, especially on the written/knowledge front.

I did CAA then FAA and found the FAA to be very easy to pick up. There are some minor differences in what each authority wants you to be able to do as far as flying goes, but not much. There is much greater difference between what each authority wants you to KNOW however, with the JAA being much more in depth. If you do JAA theoretical training, you'll be set up reasonably nicely for the FAA written exams with the exception of US Aviation law. A few quick practice tests would get you up to speed on the FAA stuff, then go take your FAA written.

Hope this helps on your second question.

Paris Air in Vero Beach does JAA and FAA and issues visas. Because they are also a 141 school, a FAA Repair Facility, and a 135 Charter, they have some of the very best maintained airplanes around this area. Click on their banner at the top of the page.
I'm considering Naples Air Center to do a Frozen ATPL, they have a great website. It seems like they use computers for each student at your desk and they claim that the interactive experience has helped their students retain a lot more. But currently I attend Delta Connection Academy and they also have a JAA/FAA program but I heard the ATPL ground school will cease in June. Oh and my friend who is doing the ATPL ground school at DCA told me they don't do a very good job of teaching systems. Hmmm, isn't that prolly the most important subject?? So I'm prolly not gonna doing my frozen ATPL at DCA. Does anyone know anything about Naples Air Center or Flt Safety Int'l for the frozen ATPL??
I live and fly out of Naples, but I can't tell you much about NAC. Actually, I don't know anything at all about them (I've only seen their plane being moved arround)

However, I wouldn't judge a flight school just by it's website. I suggest that you come in and visit the school. Two other schools are on the field (European American Aviation and www.londonaviation.com)

I would do all the licences FAA, and then convert only the one needed for JAA. There is no sense in transfering a PPL.

I fly at London Aviation and can vouch for their equipment/CFI/Facilities... I would feel confortable sending people there. Danielle Clarke is the person in charge of JAA program, visa ...
A bonus of training in Naples is that (last I heard) the TSA charge is being payed by the county.
BTW, London Aviation is getting in some brand new planes. They just added a new 172SP, and a 182 is supposed to come in soon. Planes are going to be coming 1 a month a a while.

I have had a good experience with IFTA, some will say the opposite but I got what I came there for without too much hassle.

NAC generally has a good reputation, I know the the chief instructor is a top bloke, very wise in the ways of JAR-ATPL.

EFT gets good marks also.

I suggest you read www.pprune.com, the info on there is a lot better than on this site (no offense, but this site is primarily directed towards yank pilots ?!?)

most of the other places you mention (with exception of Comair and OFT, which I know nothing about since their JAR training must be fairly new) I would quickly forget about..do it Do It DO IT!

They are the type of places that will make empty promises, screw you for your money etc especially PEA they should have called it MIDDLE East Aviation, do a search on pprune and see for yourself.

FloridaPilot, why do you keep saying on here that your crappy Joe-Schmo FBO place does JAR training?? Why isn't it on your website then?? Just because you have a 135 certificate and fly to the Bahamas in a beat up PA34 every now and then doesn't put you above the rest. Why don't you stop promoting your place as an option for JAR training, some people might actually use this information. Be a sport to your fellow aviators!

Learjet, you can obtain an FAA PPL everywhere and convert it to a JAR PPL in EU, that DOES NOT mean that you are getting JAR training, but places like Paris Air will tell you the opposite. Its a cost efective way to get your PPL as the training is a lot cheaper in the US. Only the places I mentioned above (and possibly Comair) can help you obtain above PPL certificates.

Mind you that the IR and multi-engine test can not be taken in the US. Must be taken in the training org's homeland (typically UK).
IFTA. Go to IFTA and ask for Steve Fisher. He is the owner, the guy has about every JAA authorization ever. I did my jaa cfi and cfi-i with him and it was good. He is a typical brit, so if you're a thoroughbred american just give him [censored] back. He knows his stuff and you will learn alot by doing it. I'm sure the rest of the ratings provided at his school are the same since he runs a tight ship. He is also a JAA authorized examiner so you will not have to wait on checkrides while doing your ratings there. I think he has done something like 300cfi's when he did mine over a year ago... so experience is not a problem.
Have you looked into Florida Flight Training Center in Venice, FL? They might be helpful.
I'm not JAA, but I do know that the majority of JAA students that go to OFT don't finish what they went there for. weather, poor organization, schedule issues, etc... Wouldn't recommend it.
Hey. I flew at Epic for about a year. Great people, brand new airplanes, and very good prices. Id check them out.
Hi, Im spanish guy desperate triying to find a school in US wich provide JAA courses for international students, without do any conversion. Please anyone knows any? any recommendation or suggestion?
Thank you very much guys.
Orlando Flight Training Center is a far better place to go. I used to work for Naples Air Center and don't recommend it. You will get ripped off.
I attended for my Private ORLANDO FLIGHT TRAINING based at KISM. I must say the overrall experience was fairly OK. I must say some maintenance was not done or if it was done was with a chance of a flight hazard anyway (we had 2 indicents and 3 engine failures in 2 months) on the old C152'S and one C172. I flew the DA20 Katana for my luck nothing happened lol...but my poor old english friends had some trouble with the 152's ...now those acft are retired from the fleet and Im talking about the year 2002 when I took my course at OFT. If you plan to attend also beware of some lack of organization specially on the ops. department. Also don't stay at the apartments near the airport...they are filthy and very bad maintained.
Regarding my CPL I attended IFTA NAPLES , or mostly known as REX AIR. It was a customer oriented business , with a nice fleet of airplanes...well maintaine...they even had a C150 flying...is like flying a classic 727...nice acft. For my CPL ME I flew a Seminole Turbo leased from Venice Aviation and it was a good experience...but if you plan to be in company of some other fellow pilots forget it...this school is not like OFT with massive classes or people getting around, is very small and you will probably spend your time alone spending your days at shiny Florida.

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