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Sorry for the long delay in responding... Been away.

FSA called back in about 4 months. I was working elsewhere and requested to be moved further back on the list to contemplate returning or staying where I was. The management folks said "no problem" and bumped me behind a couple of instructors on the list. They called again about one month later and I decided to make the retrun. Not an easy choice. Things were pretty good where I was. FSA was (and is) however, one of the best places to instruct. I loved the experience of teaching at another school. I learned a lot and I have a far greater appriciation for FSA now.

Snow - you replied also and Yes! absolutely get a job teaching at any other school/FBO. FSI is a great place to work. That doesn't mean it is the ONLY great place to work. If you get the job outside of FSA and FSA calls you for your slot, consider that you may be in for a slow period of training (standardization) and a slow build up of students. The decision to instruct for FSA is an individual and personal one. Everyboady is in a little different situation. All the best!