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I wast just wondering what any FSA Alumni who might be checking this forum, were doing now? Instructing, flying, stocking shelves, etc.....? I'll start.....

I completed my CFII a few months ago and am now working as a Flight Intructor at a part 141 school (am in the deep blue pool of FSA CFI wannabe's but don't have too high of hopes for a telephone call anytime soon!) Also doing some multi-flying on the side with a friend who owns a twin.
Finished CIME, SEAD, & CFI in August. Starting to instruct part time in 61 land. Looks like I may get to teach a ground school over the winter. No hope for any multi time in the near future, but I need lots of single time anyway. Im not in the pool as I did not interview.
I finished my CFII two weeks ago at FSI, but have not interviewed yet. I really want to work elsewhere (no more Zero Beach), but have failed at finding a CFI position available at other schools, fbo's, etc..

Any hints on good places to find job listings (internet sites, etc.)?

I guess you got to have some good luck and know the right person. Oh well, I will keep looking. This is the only job I have looked forward to doing, but I cannot find a job.

Hey aca_dia---I had your old instructor for CFII! Very good!!
Hey jlo I saw some guys in dispatch interviewing yesterday. If I were you I would do the interview before you leave. All you can lose is a job that you don't have.
If you get the offer see where your at when they call, can't hurt to have it in your back pocket. I'm not a big fan of zero beach either but after 6 months of trying to find a quality flying gig on the outside I came running when they called.
I know some people have situations where its not feasible but I have allways tried to keep as many doors open as possible.
Just some advice -Good luck!
I second your opinion....Interview just in case...You'll see that the grass is definetely greener in Vero Beach although it is a boring town.

Trust me, I was sick of Vero when I left but now I'm dying to get back to a training environment like FSI
Yeah if I couldn't go the direct ASA route I'd definatly try and instruct there, from what I've heard the airlines come and hire CFIs right on campus! They come to you, can't get much better than that, you won't get that teaching at Bob's budget flying school :p
I did the CIME & finished the CFI a few weeks ago. I'm now going to school full time for my A&P, & looking to instruct part-time. I've got a couple of leads for employment, but nothing has firmed up yet.

I got my MEI at FSA and was an IP there. I'm now an FO for a regional airline (with a bunch of other former FSA IPs). In fact, I just saw two of the former standards check pilots, Richardson and Countryman, in the training building. Who's going to torment CFI students now?
Yeah now that Doug and Chris left the stand department is pretty thin. I did see a couple one strippers the other day, are they running another stand class or are these wait listed people just dressing up?
Hmm...good question! Now that the infamous Countryman and "KP" are gone...
"Happy days are here again!"
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Hmm...good question! Now that the infamous Countryman and "KP" are gone...
"Happy days are here again!"

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I hope they aren't reading this....
Dave didn't we talk about this before?? I think he's selling used Cessna 150 upulstry out of a mobile just off the Valkaria Airport property...
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Hmm...good question! Now that the infamous Countryman and "KP" are gone...
"Happy days are here again!"


I hope they aren't reading this....

THAT IS the beauty of this never know who exactly is reading this do you??
I was hired in July, finished CFII in Sept. after a wonderful break in Montana, and I'm currently instructing as an independent contractor out of the Avon Park airport (South of Lakeland, North of Sebring).

In order to pay the bills, I am waiting tables at Ruby Tuesday. The money is horrible, so I interviewed and was hired by the Outback Steakhouse.

I sit by the phone in the little spare time I have and hope that FlightSafety will call.

See you all someday.......

FSI will call. It of course is a matter of time. Hang in there. You were a great student. Take it from one of your past instructors. You got the skills. You'll be teaching FSA students in no time. The list is long but some of the contestants will choose to not come back, thus makeing the long list a bit shorter. The same thing happened to me and the "call back time" was a lot faster than I anticipated.

To anyone who is waiting for a slot at FSA, get a part time job and wait it out. This economy will turn around. And when it does, we will all be headed skyward.

Eric - What Airport/FBO are you at now?

Wouldn't it be a good idea to get a flying job while you wait? I can think of some local FBOs that might need instructors, espeicaly if your from FSA