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Have any of you guys posted on flightinfo.com and gotten blasted? Geesh, I should know better by now but that's the last time I'm asking anything on there. It's such a shame too because there are so many knowledgable people on there.

Thanks Doug for providing such a good place for us newbies to ask questions and not get blasted. I swear, if any flightinfo hot headed jar heads make their way into jetcareers I'm gonna puke.
>>I swear, if any flightinfo hot headed jar heads make their way into jetcareers I'm gonna puke.<<

Light Sabers will come and the Jedis will win!
Yes i myself have seen a lot of hotheads. But it wasnt about posting flying comments it was about mapping. (If you dont know what im talking about click on the link in my signature).
Also, they take a post and start making the dumbest jokes and run with it for miles.

So you make a post, someone cracks a joke and that thread has 25 replies. You thinking you're getting some good feedback go back to check the thread and it's all just a long joke.

I used to read that place a lot but it became unbearable after September 11th. For a while it turned into constant Arab bashing which I couldn't deal with. Thankfully I found this place! Thanks for providing us with this, Doug!


John Herreshoff
I agree...

Flightinfo has really gone downhill and it is unfortunate because there really are several very knowledgeable members. I don't know what it is about flightinfo and a.net, but I really have no interest in browsing their websites anymore...
Good lord Braidkid, you got roasted!!

The crap that the moderators allow to take place on that website is ridiculous!
In defense of flightinfo.com, I enjoy their forums as much as jetcareers. (No offense, Doug.) They attract a different crowd - more airline pilots, fewer students. Sure, there are rude people, but it's a big bad world out there. I certainly like the friendliness of jetcareers more!

I used to enjoy reading calforums.com, but they shut their doors to non-CAL pilots a while back, so flightinfo is my only other fix.

I've never like airliners.net. To many posers.

Ditto. Having just read the thread in question over there, I think Braidkid gave as good as he got. "We all know of the extreme high times required to gain a regional job in the states..." Huh? It was clear to me that you haven't done your homework. SkyWest is hiring people in the 1500-1800 TT range. When you've got tons of furloughees with 3-5 times that sort of TT, "extreme high times required to gain a regional job" is naturally going to be viewed as flame bait.
I have had no problems with flightinfo.com or any other site for that matter, we have all been roasted before, on both ends. You can learn plenty from this site as well as other sites.
Ok, so "extreme" high time was a bit over kill. It's still high time. I know guys with over 2000 hours
who can't get on with a regional. I stated extreme high time required to get on with a regional based
on our current economic situation. I've heard of pilots with under a thousand hours flying big iron in
Europe. A thousand hours difference (to me) is A LOT of time. Must not be much for people on flightinfo or some
people on this board.

Oh and one more thing....Aloft, if you read my smart a$$ reply on flightinfo you would have gathered
that I have done my homework and am very much aware of the rough road to the regionals.
The one downfall of message boards like these are things sometimes don't get fully communicated.
In defense of Braidkid, I saw one of the replies he got, and it was downright cruel. The guy called him an a*s hole, for not joining the military or something. This same guy ended his reply by saying "blow me!" I find jetcareers to be the most friendly to all of us "newbies."
Regardless of what anyone says, there is NO comparison between this website and the other pilot forums... Period.
Thanks for the backing viper...
I'm wondering if maybe Aloft is one of those flighinfo jar heads in disguise!!!

Haha, just playin with ya Aloft!!!
flightinfo is a different crowd with a different purpose. Yes, it can be harsh if you ask questions before doing some research or not realize who the audience is, but it's an invaluable intel resource for those who have already committed to an aviation career. Want to know how to get into the biz? Jetcareers. Want to know what's the deal with all these advertisements for different schools? Jetcareers. If you want to know what the latest gouge is on ASA hiring, flightinfo is probably your best bet.

Yes, people are friendlier here on JC and that is great! Doug has a great board here, and it is *the* premiere site for those starting out and in training.

I dunno, should I start major,regional,corporate forums on the website?