Flight Training at Paramount Flight Services?


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I've searched the forums but it doesn't appear too many people have trained at paramount flight services located near charlotte, nc. If anyone has any personal experiences at paramount or more information other than what the website provides please share. thank you.
Where I train we do not have a multi. after i get my commercial, hopefully by mid summer I want to go south to get my cfi, cfii, me and possibly mei. paramount offers that. I think i'll go visit this summer.
NC is a little slice of heaven.

Paramount can get that all done for you, as fast or as slow as you want to go.
I would recommend you doing your II in the Seminole to double dip up to the 15 required PIC.

I recommend an instructor with the initials R.C. I met him and seems on the level.
Great guy.
Great weather
Great ATC guys.