flight instructor pay

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Don't know about Sac specifically. But down here in SoCal (and Phoenix) the average seems to be around $18-$25 when I was looking a year and a half ago. I found the exception to the rule and haven't left. :D I'm doin $35+ depending on the type of instruction. Again it comes down to that age old war between paying the bills, "putting your time in", and at the same time not selling yourself short and screwin' us all over. Good luck!


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what is a average monthly pay for a flight instructor in the sacramento ca area?
I belive in NAPA (IASCO) starting is around 4000/mo, same in Bakersfield (IFTA); here in Phoenix(ATCA) I make aprox 5000/mo. All before taxes.
Good luck in your search.


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ok cool. Im about to go to atp and im just wondering how much i can expect to make when i am done. Thanks for the replys.:)

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so you making around 2500 to 3000 a month. Or am I dreaming

A year ago I did have a few months around 2500. 2000 was more the average. But like everywhere, times have changed. There's not much consistency right now. Like most other instructors, I've got days where I wanna shoot myself out of sheer boredom, and other days out of sheer exhaustion. Haha. Such is the life of a CFI, you'll soon find out. Good luck! :p