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Hey Doug thanks for the CFI section in the pilots toolbox. I guess I better make a showing for Maine.

Douglas McMullin
CFI & soon to be CFII
Hancock Co. Bar Harbor Airport, Maine (KBHB)
(207) 667-5534
I wish I knew you were in ANC because me and Kristie arrived in ANC at 9am 5/23, had a 12 midnight Delta flight and decided that we'd hop on Alaska Airlines and fly home early!
While you were galavanting around Alaska, I finished my MEI as well.
I've got all three, now.
And all this time I thought people read my posts about moving up here to Alaska to pursue my flying career. Well now you know I am here so when you show up next time you can look me up.
Feel free to contact me about Flight Instruction or Technical Questions
Christopher L
Certified in Aviation/Aerospace Safety
Aircraft B737-300-900 757-200/300 & 767-200/400 (Major Air Carrier) Inspector
Engines (CF6-80) (CFM-3B24)(CFM-7B26)
Honeywell 737NG DFCS/FlightControls/APU/ECS/Windshear/TCAS systems
Serving the NY-NJ-and Easter PA region
ERAU Grad!!!!!!!
Location:Van Nuys, California

Gilad Alon

Almost updated, Doug! 'Cept my "soon to be MEI" became official three months ago. Oh well. Next time, I guess.