FEDEX Flt 80 MD-11 Crash


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The freighter at NRT appears to be Fedex. Live feed shows the remnants of the airframe smoldering and it came to rest inverted.
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It's not on from what I saw, but they are showing it on CNN International. The video almost looks fake it is such a dramatic porpoising of the airplane. The airplane landed upside down so hopefully the crew made it out okay!

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I figure the topic deserved it's own thread.
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Wow.... Unbelievable footage.
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Aren't there a couple previous MD-11 crashes that involved big bounces on landing like this?
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Aren't there a couple previous MD-11 crashes that involved big bounces on landing like this?

I'm not trying to speculate at all, but its funny you mention that. I have noticed that when I see an MD-11 land there is a tiny skip that usually happens after the intital touchdown but before the spoilers come out. I've always wondered about that.

Here's an can see it in every landing that I've seen


Once again...not speculating, just a general observation
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Holly crap. This is unbelievable. Like a freaking remote controlled a/c. Any word on the crew?
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update: Fedex plane is on fire at Narita
A Fedex cargo plane is on fire after crash landing at Narita airport on Monday morning. Strong winds were reported at the time of the crash.

Fire fighters are still trying to put out the blaze.

Narita airport officials say the plane had flown in from Guangzhou, China.

Authorities say that a pilot and co-pilot were on board.
There is no report yet on whether they are safe.

The plane crashed onto the runway just before 7 AM after failing to hold a proper landing position. It is now burning beside the runway.

The Meteorological Agency says it recorded strong winds of up to 72 kilometers per hour around the time of the accident. It says the gusty conditions resulted from a low pressure system.
2009/03/23 08:13(JST)
(JST: UTC+9hrs.)

72 kilometers per hour = 38.8768898 knots
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Wow. The "media" had reports that one person was removed from the wreckage. Must have been one hell of a gust to lift it back up like that.
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WOW! God, I hope everyone is ok. I'm not going to speculate on the cause, but I'm anxious to hear what happened.

Fly Safe Everyone!
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That is very scary looking.... Ironically I am watching Cast Away as we speak... I hope everyone involved is alright!