FAA 1st class med. VS airline physicals...

Is it safe to say that if you hold a current, waiver-free 1st class medical, then an airline cannot deny you employment simply due to the airline physical (Say you don't meet one of their requirements)????

Something to do with the ADA or the fact that if you can hold a first class med, then you have been proved medically competent to fly as a captain regardless of what an airline doc might find???

I KNOW for a fact that in foreign countries, like Britain, the airline (British air) WILL deny you if you don't meet their medical standards, which are much higher than a European Class 1 med.
An airline is never going to deny you based on your medical if you're able to pass a class 1.

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Ok then that having been said, why not just remove the physical as part of the hiring process???

Let go of the company physician! That would be saving money.

SWA is one example of a major airline that doesn't require a company medical.
I guess you didn't get the hint. If the airline sees something during the company physical that they find unsatisfying, there are a variety of other factors which they can not hire you for.

But I highly doubt if any employer (airline or not) would ever in a million years admit to not hiring a person and risk a lawsuit sparked by the A.D.A. rules
Glad you clarified that Doug.

In years past, Eagle did in fact deny hiring to people who had physical problems, even though they had 1st class physicals.

The Eagle physical was straight out of the movie "The Right Stuff" - unbelievably intense!

Don't know if they do that anymore.

so if they DO find something they dont like about you (medically) they'll just find another reason (i.e. 'you did bad in the sim') to be the official reason of not hiring you...

But then again, they don't even have to tell you why you never got hired...

so I guess the bottom line is yes, an airline can choose not to hire you if you dont satisfy a company medical... they'll just say you didn't do well in another part of the hiring process, i.e. sim or tech questions, etc.
An airline can choose not to hire you if you've got tassled shoes, but I seriously doubt unless it's qualification-based like "come talk to us when you have 1000 more hours", that an airline would ever give you the reason for not hiring you.

So the idea is to walk in there with a clean, impeccable record, ready to interview, clean consistent logbook with no possibility of "Parker Pen Time" and in the best health possible and anything that may be "of interest" medically, clearly documented and certified.
straight out of the movie "The Right Stuff"

[/ QUOTE ]

Just saw that movie yesterday - one of the best movies I've ever seen
Who's the best pilot you ever saw?
The Mercury guys hated that movie. I had a chance to talk to Alan Shephard and Gordon Cooper about it one day (opening of Friendship 7 exhibit in Titusville) and they couldn't say anything nice about it. They especially didn't like all the attention on Yeager. Yeager got all the fluffy media jobs, they said. He was just as good as a pilot as the rest of them, no better no worse.
Do you need a first class to act in second in command? I know you need it to excercise ATP privileges, but do can you just exercise commercial privilages in the right seat? Or is there some 121 reg that says you need an ATP when carry so many passengers or something?
No, you need only maintain second-class privileges to act as SIC unless I'm mistaken, and only a commercial certificate is required to do so. However, airlines only hire people that will one day be qualified as captains, hence the requirement for a first class medical. As an FO, since only second-class privileges are required, you need only get one FAA exam per year instead of two.

That's completely understandable, because the movie started sucking right when they shifted to the space-race part. The aviation part was SO much better, largely because it wasn't so "over acted" as the astronauts were. I'd be embarrassed too if an actor portrayed me in such a tool-like manner.

If I were to make that movie today, I'd do two separate films--one covering the Yeager/Edwards part of the book, the other covering the space race.
aloft if you and I agree any more like this, I am going to get scared!

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