ExpressJet Plans for Potential Relaunch


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"ExpressJet’s plans for 2021 and beyond are to provide high-quality, reliable, efficient point-to-point flying to small and medium sized cities that have lost service in recent years as a result of U.S. airline industry consolidation and COVID-19 driven route reductions." From ExpressJet Website

Additional link: Airways Mag Article


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Won’t ever happen. Pretty sure they would have to recall all of their super senior (read:expensive) pilot group. Not to mention didn’t all of their birds go to Charlie 5? Not to be Darnell Downer but I wouldn’t put a ton of hope in this coming to fruition.

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Their first time doing this was (2003ish) for the most part pretty successful. They flew to cities that you actually WANTED to go - kind of like JetBlue in the beginning. Hopefully this time they will be able to compete.