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Is there any great difference between the way a checkride is handled by FSI (which has FAA examining authority) and just taking your checkrides with an FAA examiner like under part 61.?

Who are the examiners at FSI? How does the process work?

Please excuse my ignorance on this one


I've only had 1 ride with a DPE, so I can't really tell ya. The check airman @ FSI are experienced instructors. One of them has >28k hours, most of it dual given. He keeps track and told me that I was his 1458th (or something like that) checkride @ FSI! The others are younger with less hours, but great instructors nonetheless.

Beyond that....not much. A PTS is a PTS is a PTS. Oh, checkrides are at the normal 55/hour dual rate rather than 300 or so per ride that most DPE's charge.

In addition to what Chunk said, you don't get a pink slip if you bust a 141 checkride at FSI, it is merely an unsat lesson.
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In addition to what Chunk said, you don't get a pink slip if you bust a 141 checkride at FSI, it is merely an unsat lesson.

[/ QUOTE ]Yep, I've heard of that too. My buddy didn't pass but was told by the checkpilot that it was Okay since FSI wouldn't report to the FAA and that he just needed to study more.
Busting a stage check would not result in a pink slip. Believe me, been there, done that! However if you bust a rating or certificate checkride, you will recieve a pink slip. Primarily because the FAA doesn't recognize phase or stage checks as check rides. But whenever your instructor puts on the "FAA hat" during a check ride, they're more or less representing the FAA.
Hey Chunk,

I just wanted to comment on the "instructor with 28,000 hours, most of which is dual given." It is unfortunate that he is "in my opinion, and many others,one of the worst instructors there." Don't get me wrong, I did learn a little from him, but asking trick questions that have no relevance and charging people double time for checkrides is WRONGGGGG!!!
And he will continue to do it because people are afraid of saying something, after all you do not want to piss off your checkpilot. It is ashame that a good place like FSI has someone like this! Oh by the way, what about the recorder? That is a joke! I feel like instead of getting rid of KP, they should have got rid of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Just my thoughts!

At FSI our checkrides for cetificates/ratings are also considered stage checks. If you bust one, you do not receive a pink slip from the FAA and it does not go on your record. The only thing that happens in this case is it goes on your 141 record with FSI that you failed a lesson. The next checkride is just listed as a repeated lesson or stage check.
Does this check airman tend to fail students? On a larger issue, do the check airmen have a decent pass rate? And are they generally fair on checkrides?

How does this check airman get away with charging double? Does he just bill for twice the actual time spent doing the checkride?
Saying this person charges double was not totally accurate.

Lets say you had a 2.0 hour oral and a 2.0 hour flight, but you were scheduled for a 5.0 hour block. This person would find some way (coffee break, lunch, etc.) to ring you up for the 5.0 hour block, instead of providing good customer service and being honest and charging only for the time actuall spent on the checkride 4.0 hours.

I do not know if this is a good example, but I am sure you have heard stories around campus, for those of you attending FSI.

Again FSI was great for me! THis was just one bad thing that I witnessed and heard many others complaining about.
Back off the guy, he's a fine instructor/check airman. Have an attitude like that and he probably will fail you. As for overcharging- bring it up. He can't fail you for that. But if he's with you, and doing anything at all, you will be charged brief, and you won't get out of it. Fact of life.

And yes, if you fail a stage check for a certificate or rating, the FAA, and potential employers will know. Look at the bottom of the front side of the 8710- its says "Have you ever failed a test for this certificate/rating?" Also look at many employment applications- they ask if you've ever failed a test for a certificate or rating.
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However if you bust a rating or certificate checkride, you will recieve a pink slip. Primarily because the FAA doesn't recognize phase or stage checks as check rides.

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I hate to disagree, Doug, but at least at FSI, they don't give pink slips for busted stage checks, even final checks for certificate rides. I had a couple of students bust the private stagecheck and one to bust the multi check. They didn't get pink slips and I didn't have to submit a new 8710 as I would for a FAR 61 student.
Hey EatSleepFLy,

I am not going to back off of this instructor, because I am not attacking him. And, if you think he is a great instructor, that is your opinion, and I respect that! Let me guess, you had him for a checkride, took him out to lunch and got double 100's. THat is great, that must mean you are the best pilot!

I, on the other hand, had him for a checkride and did very well! But I did not learn a d#$m thing, compared to other checkrides at FSI. I feel a checkride should be another lesson, in the sense that you are always learning. I also think that no one should get double 100's, unless you are Patty Wagstaff or Chuck Yeager, no one knows everything and you are sending a false sense of security.

Oh, and about the stage check failing, I do not believe that is considered a test by the FAA. If you mean checkride, and fail part 141, then it is considered another lesson and you do not have to fill out another 8710. Correct me if I am wrong.
I can't even afford to buy myself lunch half the time. I also disagree with the way he grades, and no, if you must know, I had him for Step 3 and got 85 and 90 (can't remember which was which). In a way, I'm kind of glad I didn't have him for my CFI ride- I honestly didn't enjoy flying with him.

I didn't mean to come off sounding pissed at you, but my point was, the guy's really a wealth of knowledge- if you ask it, he can answer it.

I had him for my CFI, and it was mad confusion! Half the time, if not more, I did not know if I was the student or the instructor. This made it very hard, because as you probably know, when you are doing your CFI with your instructor, it is very clear of who is playing what role.
Yeah, a few of my friends have had him for CFI rides and said the same thing. I was very lucky with who I had for my CFI ride. Don't wanna mention names, but- four-striper in charge of instructor program (I'm sure you can figure it out). Before we began the flight, he made it very clear that throughout the flight he would be keeping me informed as to the role he way playing- which is really the way it should be.
I had this person for three rides (inst, com, &amp; CFI). The instrument ride was an odd one and the commercial one was on par with other check rides. My CFI check was a great flight and learned a bunch that day. I knew of some past rumors, but never encountered any of the negative stuff I had heard about. This check airman was always very fair with me. Just as with normal instruction some student/instructor personalities dont work out. Im not sure I would like having this person as an instructor, but we worked out just fine on check rides.

I would much rather have had this person than a certain Part 61 examiner that I had for SEAD. Talk about a painful flight.
Yeah, I had a certain DE for my SEAD (part 61) and man was this guy a grouch!! (I'm talking about the shorter of the two DEs who work FSI).