Embarrasing question night before checkride


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Well, I can not tell you how long I have waited for this night,the night before my checkride. I have one question to ask that is very embarrasing and I hope this doesn't sound completely idiotic to most of you. Tommorow I go to my flight school to plan out for my checkride and I need to taxi the schools airplane over to midisland airservice. I have the idea of where midisland is located on the field and i've driven there before, but there are alot of back taxiways I need to take to get there.The thing is , I've never had to taxi my plane on any of those taxiways because I just taxi to the run up area and pass by it all the time. I would like to know of a site other than airnav.com that can give me the taxiway diagram of the airport. Also, my AF/D was not much help, it shwoed the taxiways, but didn't show the fbos location. Embarrasng, I know. Any help would be appreciated though.
Ground control will also usually direct you if you get mixed up. Relax on the checkride and good luck. FYI I aborted a landing and did a go around on my checkride because I was in a plane I had never flown and did not set it up right. I was worried but the examiner gave me props as he felt it showed "great judgement". Good luck tomorrow!
If that is your primary concern on checkride eve then it sounds like you are ready for the checkride. :p

Good luck!
you can always......wait for it.... pick up the phone and call the shop and ask where theyre located on the field.
And don't be afraid to use progressive taxi if it will help. Shows you know how to use your resources. I always used google maps to check out potential diversion fields.
This should not be an embarassing question at all. There are still plenty of taxiways at the airport I've been professionaly based at for 3 years that I'd need to study my charts pretty carefully before navigating. I also had my FO save me from making wrong turns twice this week, which actually is embarassing since I don't think I had to do that more than once in my entire career as an FO. Luckily that happened in minor areas with no conflicting traffic. Taxiing around all these airports is without a doubt the most challenging part of my job.
Google maps in satellite mode. Compare the taxiways to the satellite image and highlight your taxi route on the 10-9 chart. I know its a day late and a dollar short, but its great for pre-flight planning if you don't know where your FBO is located. I've even been on the phone with a CSR from the FBO while looking at Google maps to figure out where I need to taxi after landing.
I asked for progressive taxi on my check ride and the examiner gave me credit for doing it!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
You should slap your CFI for not making you have a taxi diagram available to you during ALL of your training at KHWV. I spent over a year at that airport and the taxi routes are not complicated at all. You are going to get a rating and if you can't figure out HWV how are you going to handle ISP or FRG?

Give the guy a break! He's going for his ride and you want to say some stuff like that?

No wonder he was apologizing before posting his question when people like you keep berating others for asking an honest question.

Someday I too hope to know as much as you.

No wonder he was apologizing before posting his question when people like you keep berating others for asking an honest question.


Sitting behind a computer brings out the bitter in some!

How did the ride go?