Ed! Ed! Ed! Ed!


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Final paragraph:
"It's hard to say much other than "carry on" to a young pilot who comes across this well. But it's easy to say that someday there'll be a Captain Ed Graham if that's what he wants."

Nice article. Nice job.


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Greaaaaat. I log on to my favorite web site and I see my own mug staring back at me

[/ QUOTE ]

HAh....well thats what you get for being in a popular GA Magazine.


WAHOO!!! Can anyone scan in the article??? Down here we still havethe Wright Flyer on the front page of flying, so it will take another 100 years before we see this article!


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Yeah if someone can go scan the article, Barnes and Noble doesnt have it that issue here in Lafayette...Never thought I knew some one "famous"


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I thought we had some Iron Maiden fans in here! J/K, just got my copy in the mail today, way to go SGE!


Said like Buddy the Elf jumping up and down 'I know him, I know him!!!!'

HA HA HA HA I make myself laugh!!!


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I'll scan the article. But give me until mid Thursday afternoon!


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Ed, congrats dude, this is pretty exciting, can't wait to read the story, I hope that when you posed for the picture that you stuck a roll of quarters in your front pocket? Oh well, I will go ahead & tell Skip Martinsen, hell, I will try to purchase the magazine after work.


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I saw the article today, all I can say is WOW!! Nice going, bro...that's something to frame and hang on your wall!


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Nice going Ed, a good writeup.

I'm a subscriber and just got my copy in yesterday's mail so for those who haven't seen it yet, keep your eyes peeled. The cover is a white background (looks quite different) and has the Piper 6X on it.



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I know I'm late on this, but I like to make an entrance and be "fashonably late."

Anyhow... nice going Ed!! We have a celebraty among us now. There is a copy this edition in the FBO. When I'm out there next time, I'm going to have to read it!