Dream Places to Fly?


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Well my romance woke up again for various reasons. Two poems on the whole matter over the last couple days. I love the Pacific Northwest. If I had to live anywhere it would be there. Oregon would work for me, though Vancouver, BC is the ideal city. Preserving nature while having a nice urban atmosphere. But that would be where I would fly if I could. Astoria would be one of the places--where The Goonies was shot. And Ashland--because a girl I was in love with lived there, the subject of those two poems. And the Oregon coast. Maybe a trip from the Willamette Valley down to the Napa Valley for some wine tasting and on to San Francisco valley with a close up of the Golden Gate, flying under it.

Where in the world would you fly if you could?


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Las Trancas. Private Lumber Yard dirt airstrip on the edge of a cliff Northwest of Santa Cruz on the Pacific Coast. The owners have let people land there in the past by request, I hope to do that one day. Flying over or even driving by, you'd hardly guess it was an airport with a windsock being the only clue that the dirt is a runway, not just a road. Better stop in time, over-run this without enough energy for a go-around and you're probably going to die.


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I've been most everywhere, but I'd love to shoot the Kai Tak approach just once.

But, opportunity lost.

Or, take a 320 loaded full of my best friends into 3O8 and dine on steak, spend the day and drink too much.

It'd probably make it in BARELY if at all, wouldn't make it out, for sure, but we're talking about dreams, right? :)


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I really loved Alaska (and NW Coast) and Africa, across the Serengeti was awesome...would love to do it again.


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Antarctica. The job appears flying for the British Antarctic Survey from time to time. Love of my life already briefed she won't see me for dust for 8 months if it happens...


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I've flown about everywhere, but I wouldn't mind having a mechanical requiring out of stock parts somewhere in the vicinity of Tahiti.

Our crews do it as an overnight turn and are always looking for a bird to run into to spend the day there.