Doing Instrument w/o Ground School?


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I'm finally starting my instrument training but as of yet unable to get into a ground school. I'm wondering if this is a really bad idea to not be in a ground school? I have the Jepp Instrument manual, Sporty's Instrument Training Course (of which seems really random and not real informative?), and the ASA Instrument Test Prep. My thinking is that it can be done but is this a wise idea given such an important rating?
Nah, you'll be fine... If you do it 141 you'll need it eventually, if you do it 61 you don't need a ground school (I believe). Anyways I finished the ground a few months before starting training (have yet to take the written though). I understood about 0% of it until I actually started training. The Sporty's DVDs are very good however (I watched 6... still have that last one to go).
I did my instrument part 61, and didn't do a formal ground school. All I did was get together before and/or after my flights with my instructor and go over whatever we were doing. I did fine on my checkride too.

I'm actually going through the same thing right now. In my case, I've decided to hold back a week or two on my training and dive head first into the books and King instrument course to gain at least some general knowledge of what's going on in the IFR system.

Is this to say that you can't train before studying the knowledge areas? Absolutely not. There’s nothing wrong with doing them at the same time, just make sure your instructor gives you a thorough preflight briefing on what you will cover for the lesson, and exactly what you will need to do in order to accomplish the goals for that lesson. As my instructor said, the instrument requires far more pre and post flight briefings than the Private.

You'll get the ticket either way... Just do what you’re comfortable with!
I never took a formal ground school, I did my instruction one on one and it was very expensive, but I got a thorough understanding of it. I definetely feel that you have to have some type of ground instruction be given to you with the IFR. At least 5 to 6 times the amount of your Private. IFR is really important and you have to learn it solid. Good Luck and know your holds!
The Sporty's or King tapes are all you need for ground school--watch them and use the Gleim book and you'll be more than set for the written.