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Do you ever look at those rock formations and wonder how they were formed? I do. I suspect that was a hill with a mile of glacier sitting on it that started moving and for whatever reason melting water started to flow and excavated it. It probably took 100000 years and here we are with you providing beautiful images.
In this case, overall, hundreds of millions if you count when the Entrada sandstone was first laid down.



Sitting and waiting today while the ceiling dips lower over the harbor. The temps last night and into this morning only dipped below freezing for a little while, and highs look to the 40s. The overnight guys were on high alert status all through yesterday evening, as everything froze solid long enough to ice up the roadways, taxiways, and early RON aircraft. Even their cars had solid sheets of ice, so we came in to overnighters just hanging out and chatting as the coffee brewed.

If it stayed at that 32-33 range through this morning, I think this wintry mix would've been catastrophic up here. Guess we got lucky.


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Think I flew on that RJ
Me too, actually lol. Both my flights on go! were on that bird. HNL-LIH and OGG-HNL. Have an over beers story for the first one...good ol' Mesa.

Forgot to share these here, but managed to catch @Cal Goat back in his SFO natural habitat. Sadly instead of a golden hour arrival, late packages in MEM turned it into a dusk arrival. Hope to catch him again sometime in better lighting.

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Last Thursday, when we had a bit of weather in the New York City area, BOS received some good amount of diversions. The real one to see as the night shift calmed down, though, was the AF 777 that came in on one engine -- which was supposed to be doing IAD-CDG that evening. Somewhere over New York they declared, probably dumped a ton of fuel over the ocean, and made an uneventful landing here that night.


Well, the plane's still here while a team of Air France techs are all working on it....and back on Sunday they attempted an engine run...

....but the rampers repositioning the aircraft from its parking space blew out the transmission, and the unit died on the tow. So this has been an adventure. The engine run was still done, but took forever and closed off a portion of the airport while emergency equipment met the superTug team and got the thing disconnected.


Rumor has it they've got an Antonov coming in with a new engine for the jet.