da roof, da roof, da roof is on fire....


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Big fires raging in San Diego today; SoCal tracon and Montgomery tower both evacuated, all control passed to LA Center. MYF stayed open as Class G, but a Mooney crashed on takeoff on Hwy 163 off the departure end of 28. Friggin mayhem around here today. 150 houses east of MCAS Miramar torched

Here's some pix from my place. I'm packing the jeep in case we get the word to bail. Tomorrow's gonna be ugly when the winds kick up again.



Wow thats a pretty big fire.

When did those start up. I guess I havent been paying close attention to the news.

Stay safe and good luck man. Hope nothing happens to your area.


It sucks... I live in Orange and it's awful. I went outside today, and I was like a ghost town because of all the smoke and ash in the air, pretty hard to breath. Plus it's dry, hot, and windy. HA, you cannot even see the bottom of our pool there is so much ash over the top.


I know I have alot of free time.

There is some messed up weather going on these days. So Cal's got the wicked Santa Ana's going, which are whipping up the fire. And we're getting boomers here in the DC area. Those are generally a late spring to summer type thing!

What the hell is going on here? Maybe there is something to those contrail conspiracy theories.

Wow, scary stuff. Kind of brings back memories of the Hayman fire here a couple summers ago. Looked like the whole mountain blew up, and it was raining ash in the entire Denver area (airports had to go IFR because of the smoke).
Wow, scary yet beautiful night time pictures. Mother nature is at work there, not much to do now besides sit back and watch her go. Hopefully nothing happens to your place though. Be safe out there, over ten have been killed already.
yeah, fires are cool for sunsets, so at least something good comes out of it.

I was flyin' back home through the bay area, as the sun was setting. Little smoke patches here and there. We had a little fire. Started as a control burn at a local former Army base. Burning to get rid of unexploded ordinance. Well, it got a little out of control, and started to get close to MRY. TFRs in effect and all. Anyhow, it is basically gone now after a couple days, but it has left a nice bit of smoke and haze, since it has been warm and calm winds here for about the last week. Cool looking out across the SF Bay, sun setting over the Golden Gate.

Yeah, I'm aware it is an old song. And I remember when it came out. Fire Water Burn, and The Lap Dance is so Much Better When the Stripper is Cryin' have got to be two of their best. Of course, a list of BG best is really long, like almost all of their songs
Funny thing is, with all these fires lately, I actually put my custom mix in the Jeep the other day, just to hear Fire Water Burn.

are you wearing one of those air ventilation/breathing masks while your still there?

keep in mind that the smoke/ash can give you asthma if you don't already have it!

those are beautiful pictures yet scary since you don't know what's going to happen! reminds me of the rodeo-chedisky fire we had a year/two ago over here...

good luck over there - let us know if you need anything and let us know the latest when you can!
Started as a control burn at a local former Army base. Burning to get rid of unexploded ordinance.

[/ QUOTE ]

Funny thing, I was at a halloween party last night, and me and 5 others were the only ones left. I found a full bottle of unopened beer on the ground. Being that I always wondered how long it would take for a bottle of beer to explode in a fire, and the fact that everyone was at least 60 yds away, I tossed it in and walked over to join the rest of my drunk friends. Not but about 5-10 minutes and after a few spirited laughs and jokes...BOOM! given that I was drunk and was the only one that knew what had happened, I couldn't stop laughing long enough to tell everyone what the explosion was. No one could figure out what was so funny about an explosion. When I told them, they all started laughing too. It was pretty funny. I would have loved to of been outside the tent to see it myself, but oh well, it was still hilarious to hear.
Similar happenings in my area. I took some pictures of the sunset and smoke and they are posted on my site in my sig. Ive been listening to my scanner all day...some neat stuff... Today the smoke was so thick...As thick as any fog that we get in the morning...and my house and clothes reek of smoke.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to shovel my car out....Ash is everywhere...and the Santa Ana winds are dumping it right on my house.
Wouldn't it be my luck that the powers that be, call and say not to come to work, but I still have to report for a 12 hour phone watch! Bastards! I had to take a different route due to freeway closures. Usullay take the 15 and 163 to 5 South to get to Coronado. I had to take 5 all the way. The freeways were not busy, which was good, but the smell of smoke was present the whole way. Got here at 0530 and the smoke has dropped the visibility and is raining a lot of ash. I get to sit here till 7:30 PM ans smell the smoke. It's already playing havoc on my Asthma. I wonder what the rest of the day will bring?
[singing]smoke on the water, fire in the sky[singing]

or is it

[singing]slow motion walter, fire engine guy[singing]?

Seriously, that is huge. Bigger than anything I saw in my firespotter days.
You should have seen LAS/McCarran yesterday, it was like a triage area for diverted jets and (seemingly) billions of people in the terminal.

Airplanes everywhere!
Yeah, My home is where the Rodeo-Chedisky fires were in 2002. I could see the smoke from Prescott... 200 miles away. We have also had fires in Prescott, and I agree that it is an eerie feeling to know that something can distroy everything you have come to know and love in such a short amount of time. I was lucky and my house and town survived, but it is sad to drive through there areas that did not. Good luck and stay safe...
Yea, they are warning us not to go outside because it is so bad. Most of the teachers are wearing masks.

Anyway, are they diverting most of the jet's to SoCal into KLAS then? I'm curious where they are all going.
SAN is open and operating as usual. Southwest is behind and rescheduling passengers. Vis is about 2mi.