Cost of a Private License?


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Hello, I have a quick question on what you think this will cost? I am looking to complete the 85 hours necessary to get into the AllAtps Airline Career Program. They can do it for 7,000, but you have to enroll in their career program to do their private pilot program, and I can't do that at this time. I live in San Diego, where everything is very expensive, but these first 85 hours I am going to do here through a local FBO. Any estimates as to what I should plan on this costing?

If I had to put an estimate on it, I would say about $10,000 if you flew nothing less than a 172 and got a good rate for an instructor. There are so many factors going into that 85 it would hard to give an accurate estimate. I would say get some great contacts while learning for the possiblity of getting some free, loggable flight time towards that 85.
I agree with sprint. It often costs more to train in more traffic intesnsive area's. I did most of my training at SNA John Wayne and I'm glad I did. You really learn how to operate in and handle the workload that's associated with this type of environment. The experience you will gain is great and $8,000-$12,000.00 are pretty accurate numbers for a Private certificate with the kind of time you're talking about. I have also heard good things about All ATP's but you deffinitely need to do your research. Take care.
Figure $65-75/hr for a C-172N (the newer ones, R and S models, go for $95-110/hr), 85 hrs is $5950. Add $1800 for a CFI (30 hrs flight, 30 hrs pre/post ground, $30/hr), $300 for the checkride, and you're over $8k. You could save about a grand by flying only in a C-152 (which may or may not be an option, depending upon your physical stature). You'll also have other costs, including medical exam, headset, groundschool or home study materials and miscellaneous pilot supplies (charts & AFD, flight computer, plotter, view limiting device, etc).

I finished my private ticket at Montgomery Field in San Diego in May of '02 and still fly out of there, the above costs are pretty reflective of reality.
Hey at SDF? You're not too far from me. Do you have any flight training so far? When are you beginning your private?

Just wondering...
You should look into the flying clubs around the area.

Plus One Flyers

these guys have good rates and over 40 planes.

If you are able you should try to train in a 150/152 they save you alot of money.
Plus One is a little on the expensive side, actually. There are a number of other clubs on the field to choose from.

Here's a good reference site put together by one of the CFIs at MYF, it has info on all the clubs and schools there:
People who get it through our group ( ) spend between $3500 - $6000, depending on how quickly they do it.

Obviously if you take it seriously and fly at least two days a week it will be cheaper.
One of our local FBO's in Michigan estimates $6,800 for the PPL in a new Diamond Star DA40.
I probably spent $8.000 on mine, but I flew only new 172R and 172SP aircraft. I also took an unplanned 6 month break and ended up finishing with 86 hours.
From my own experience and others, a really good rough estimate is $100 / hr for any given flight; i.e., 85hrs = $8500.
You should try Pinnacle Academy at Palomar Airport - one of my friends got his Private, Instrument, and is now working on his Commercial from there. I've heard nothing but good things about them. I think their website is

Mine was only $1999, in 1986. Oh Well..

MQAAORD had a good CFI ... Too good!

The $5300 was in 2001, right?