Corporate Flight Operations Management?


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Where can I find some example job descriptions or job postings for Corporate Aircraft Management positions? I am trying to see what some of the typical requirements are so I can organize my resume before I go door-to-door researching local companies that I know have flight departments and never post available positions.

I’m trying to decide if I need to gain some commercial flight experience first, or if many of these management positions are non-flying office/hangar jobs. I know every department is different, but I need some reference material.

Any good job posting sites for Aviation Management? Do you have a job description for your corporate flight ops manager/director?

Also, if anyone has a dusty copy of the NBAA Management Guide stuck in a corner somewhere, please let me know.

I previously worked in Line Service at the local GA airport.
Currently work in Airport Administration office at MSP.
Eligible for Air Traffic Control position - not selected yet.
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I'll let you know what our SOP states as the duties for the Aviation Department Manager. I can also see if I can find the NBAA information for you as well.

As far as getting a management position, I think you're going to be hard pressed to find a corporate operator that will hire you without flight experience. There are places out there where the mechanics, for instance, are the department managers, but I have a feeling those are few and far between. I think it's a safe bet to assume that under most scenarios the department managers progress from a flying position and if the department is large enough they will do less flying once they reach that lucrative management position.


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I have noticed in several cases where the Chief Pilot functions as the Aircraft Manager, coordinating mx and crew scheduling.


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This link is for a flight coordinator job at Hewlett Packard I found on

I know its not "management" but you could start here. I worked for a charter company for a short time doing a job similiar to this. It required no flying experience and within the charter company my manager was the charter sales manager (this would probably be different in a corp. dept.). She managed us flight coordinators and oversaw how the company sold charter fligts and gained new customers. The pay for my job was pretty crappy, I think $13.00 an hour. Also I did think it was interesting that the overall head of the charter dept (the guy above the director of ops and chief pilot) had no professional pilot experience, although he was a retired navy captain with alot of business experience as well.
Here's another link to an old NBAA salary survey from '03 that could also give you an idea of what aviation mgrs and schedulers made 5 years ago.