Confused on ADDS Java Tool


Gone West
So yesterday while we have a freezing fog bank grounding pretty much everything my student called me and said "lets go fly, the Metar is reporting 8 degrees, it warmed up"

I said, "it sure as hell is not that warm, lemme check"

Turns out if you look at the METAR Java tool on the graphical depiction the temperatures are given in Fahrenheit while the text is Celsius, he was reading 8 fehrenheit. Now having taught him that METAR temperatures are given in Celsius I can see how easily he could have made this mistake if he just looked at the graphic and not the text.

I am curious if anyone knows why they do this on ADDS?
I want to love ADDS. I really do, but whoever designed that place doesn't think the way I do.
I agree

Some of the products on there have so much potential

They tried (and failed) with the flight path tool application, it just needs to be more user friendly; and if it actually linked to planning and filing your flight plan that would be amazing.
I wonder if it's because that is how temperature/dewpoint is depicted on the Surface Analysis chart.


I actually really like their Java tools. The Airmet/Sigmet one is especially useful for when I don't feel like digging out my chart and figuring out where exactly that pesky Turbulence Airmet covers. Same for the PIREP java tool when going on cross countries. Some of the icing products are kind of cool too.
Another good weather product is WeatherTap Granted it costs money but they have Hi-Def radar, color codes most recent lightning strikes, images are updated every 6 minutes compared to 10 minutes or more on some weather sites

They also have a free trial offer to try for two weeks...