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I was doing some ground with my instructor the other day in prepping for the IA checkride and she asked what are the requirements to attempt an approach. I said under Part 91, none. She said no, we had to have the required flight vis, as printed on the given IAP plate (I thought that only applied to descending below the MDA/DH-A). And, again, today I was reading another forum and the notion that there are no requirements to attempt an approach under 91 came up. So, which is it?

I know I need to hit the FARs on this but I'm at work and lazy today.

I am aware 121 and 135 have requirements that must be met in order to attempt the approach but I was almost positive none existed for 91.
Nope, you're right. You can shoot approaches all day long (under part 91) in zero-zero if you really wanted to. You must have the required flight visibility for that approach if you want to continue below DH/MDA.
Nope, there are no requirements to attempt the approach under part 91 which I'm aware of. I probably asked my CFI pretty much the same question yours asked you. Even if the ATIS is reporting 0 ft ceilings and RVR 5 ft you can still shoot the approach, you just have to missed at DH or the MAP.
602, My instructor had me remember it this way:

E..environment (runway, that is)

To attempt a landing you the visibility must be greater than the published (or AT the published) minimums (2) you have to have the runway environment in sight; and (3) you must be able to land normally (i.e., not "chop and drop" or divin' at the runway

Is that where you were going with your question? Hope that helped.

[edited] ... OOPS ... sometimes it pays to read the entire damned thing, huh... you were referring to Part 91.... my bad.[/edit]