College Students Where are you???


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I'm always looking to see people on the forum that are in college right now and flying as well....

What college/university? What year? Major? Other activities besides flying? Where HOME is? and anything else....

so i guess i'll start ha!

Senior, James Madison University (VA), home is back in the chicago area even though the rents moved out this way last year. Major: Psychology (they don't have an aviation program here at JMU.... umm... I'm really active in the collegiate acappella group scene... I also helped found a flight club here at the school.

and lets see... right now.. i'm CFII/MEI hopefully will find a airline job this may.

word. who's next.


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4th year Junior - Georgia Institute of Technology - major is International Affairs - I co-op so I am on the 5 year plan. Hopefully Tech will let me go in May 2005...

As for other interests I snow ski and just started working out in June......and I like sorority girls...a lot


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3rd year at ERAU PRC... Air Science degree (what else?)...Have my Private: ASEL, AMEL, IA. Pretty much your cookie cut Riddle student.


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I'm a junior at Western Michigan University studying political science and/or philosophy. I have taken enough classes in both to get a minor in each area of study, so I could go either way.

My hobbies include skibum515, my lovely girlfriend. You'd think I was attending the University of Michigan with how much time I spend in Ann Arbor. Other hobbies are skiing, which skibum has gotten me into. I tinker with computers, by building and repairing them. I'm a drummer, and I was in the Bronco Marching Band here at Western for 2 years in the snare line (going back for my third next year). I also play mellophone in the pep band here.

Home is a hole in the wall redneck infested POS kinda town called Caro, which is in the thumb of Michigan. It's about 30 miles north of Flint.

Currently I have my private and instrument ratings, with about 200 hours.


John Herreshoff


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I'll be back at the University of Northern Iowa in the spring.
Management major (junior) but I think I'm going to switch to ERAU distance learning shhhhtuff. I flight instruct at two local airports, and wait tables for bill money and girlzz. Also in the ang but very injured and useless at the moment.

Hey John whats going on man?
Remember the Hawkeyes own your Wolverine butt!!!!


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im an aviation management student at auburn university. i will be graduating in spring of 2004, getting married, and leaving for west palm beach where i will attend ATP's Career pilot program at Stuart, FL.


Originally from Dayton, OH

Right now I'm a sophmore at U of North Dakota right majoring in Commercial Aviation.

Active in my fraternity (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) also like to do a little golfing, skiing, and hoping to coach a youth soccer team this summer while I'm up here.


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Graduating Senior - at Embry Riddle Prescott - home is near Frederick Maryland, and I am pretty into hunting and shooting outside of flying. I ski when the east coast weather allows for it. And I pretty much enjoy anything to do with mechanics and engines. Cliche? Maybe so.


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Hi I'm Skibum and I'm in college

I'm a 3rd year anthropology major who's going to be taking 5 years to get it all done after a major switch from Materials Science Engineering.

I enjoy skiing(duh) and long walks on the phone number is 555-oh wait...(john don't read that)
Hope to be hitting up Switzerland next x-mas to go skiing and then take a tour around Europe in '05.

and for the rest of you Big 10ers out there...just remember...we won the championship


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Naw man, you got it all wrong. I cheer for the Bronco's here. Western Michigan is a university about 100 miles to the west of Ann Arbor (where Michigan is) that has about 30,000 kids going here, and about the same undergrad population as Michigan. We're in the MAC, and our football team didn't quite suck this year, but they didn't do TOO amazingly either. This is how the breakdown goes:

Central Michigan: Chippewa's
Western Michigan: Bronco's
Eastern Michigan: Eagle's
Michigan State: Spartan's
University of Michigan: Wolverines.

I believe that's all the Div. I schools in Michigan. Western, Central and Eastern are in the MAC with State and Michigan obviously being in the Big 10.


John Herreshoff


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Okay, so I'm going to feel tiny posting after those attending big NCAA Div I-A schools.

I attend Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, WV. Has got to be one of the most liberal campuses/towns in America. I am a senior waiting to graduate as Uncle Sam pulled me out of the middle of my last semester to get activated and deployed (ANG) for 5 months--and remain on Active Duty.

I was supposed to graduate last May, hopefully I will graduate this May.

I am majoring in Political Science, with a minor in Journalism--which gives me an outlet to speak out--I am of the belief that you say what's on your mind--too much PC in the world.

Just looking at the Squawk Box one can see why I would much rather fly than use my degree in Poli Sci. I can't stand anymore bitter politics, and it would drive me crazy.

Home is Dover, DE, although I just moved to the Eastern Panhandle of WV 'cause of work (ANG).

Do cheer on UofDE who won the first round of NCAA I-AA playoffs against Southern Illinios and faces the winner of the Montana State/No. Iowa game--Go Blue Hens!


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Well, I'm an Aviation Flight Science major at Western Michigan University. I'm in my third year, but will be a senior after next week. I marched in the Glassmen Drum & Bugle Corps for 3 years, and teach a high school marching band in the fall (I'm a visual tech). I am also in Alpha Eta Rho and on the College of Aviation Student Council.


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I believe that's all the Div. I schools in Michigan.

[/ QUOTE ]

I was going to attend The University of Detroit-Mercy, which is Division I, but I don't think they have a football program and it is a private school.

Also there is Wayne State in Dearborn ( I think it is Dearborn ) that has Division I hockey.

The reason I didn't attend, a little wake up call from Minot, ND.


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Good points, forgot about Wayne and UDM. I tend to forget about those two since they're (to me) burried in Detroit...though I might end up at Wayne for law school.

What made you look at those two?


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Well I have two friends playing for the hockey team at Wayne State (I wasn't looking at this school) and I was look at UDM because of a $40,000 scolarship I received from there for academics and a scholarship to cover the rest to play golf. But I went to visit there and it wasn't for me, even though at times I wish I would have tried it.


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I'm Lloyd, and I attend Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN I'm majoring in aerospace, with an emphasis in flight scheduling & dispatch. Basically, I'll graduate with an FAA dispatcher's license.

Before I came to Middle Tennessee, I attended the Lenoir Community College , in Kinston, NC. Pretty good (read cheap) aviation program. I've done all of my flying on my own, part 61, and I can't complain about it.

Home...hmmm, that's a funny one. A tiny piece of my heart is in San Francisco, CA....and will always stay there. But girlfriend came along and stole the rest of my heart, so looks like Nashville, TN is it for the forseeable future!! Now let's just hope the TSA doesn't ban commuting....

Anyhoo, I'm a senior, and should be graduating sometime in the next 3 semesters (I refuse to give up my life after this semester.....I'm going to see what those 12-hour semesters are all about!!!!).

When I'm not going to school or flying, I'm playing UT2003, MOHAA, BF1942 or something silly and childish like that!!! I also love trying to make my machine go faster (which usually means breaking something) and listening to music!!!

Since you're here, be sure to go to my website and sign my guestbook ; always more to learn about me (I guess...). My goal is to have everyone on Jetcareers sign my

Lloyd's Webpage


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Junior, Auburn University AL, Aviation Management. My other activities are muscle cars (i own a 03 Mustang GT) and playing guitar...but flying is my main thing of course
. My home is Pensacola FL.. Im currently on track to commission as a 2ndLT in the USAF through AFROTC next year.


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Junior, Colorado State University, majoring in management of computer information systems. Other hobbies include model rocketry, shooting, playing guitar (acoustic), and creating web sites. My home is in the Denver area and is where I do all of my flying from.


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You've got one more jetcareers member in your guestbook!

Murfreesboro looks like a nice new cross country destination from Atlanta....time to go scrounge up some money to go fly