Class Action Lawsuit? Dateline NBC? 20/20?

is it me or is this actually your website. The contact email seems to be the same as your jetcareers handle.
20/20? That is hilarious. On one side, you have content students, former cfi's who got picked up by regional airlines, and current cfi's getting interviews with regionals. On the other, you have some guys who washed out or quit, and like to hang out on public forums to make things up and complain to all who will listen.

Try to get Dan Rather...
I know people have been complaining about PanAm for some time. And I still plan on going on the PanAm tour and deciding for myself. But, now that someone has gone out of his way to make a website dedicated to bashing PanAm AND with the news of ATA closing its doors, I'm having second thoughts on the whole academy route all together. I need to rethink some of this before I flush my money down the toilet...
Mainly the concern on safety is about students being forced to take flights under poor conditions, or when they are sick. Of course you know why they are forced because otherwise they will be charged for the full block time! This is also ludicrous since the plane would not fly for the full two hours if you did take the flight. Pan Am makes more money by you not flying. Also there are reports from a member of maintenance (this member has also spoken to the news program) of a "rush" in maintenance to get planes back out on the line. This rush sometimes would involve deferring or ignoring items that needed to be fixed.

By the way E7B or should I say Eric Norber don't hide in the forum under a bogus name! And no one said we are no longer students or that we washed out. I try to make the best out of Pan Am but daily rule changes and contract changes and outright unfair treatment is what leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth from Pan Am.

Turkey know I have respect for you and I do wish you the best. Other than safety issues you know there are things that need fixed. You don't have to answer.
Being forced to Fly when you do not feel either ready/willing/safe/... The entire "imsafe" checklist, seems not apply there.

The entire focus is for that of money making, and to do so without regard to the students' (CUSTOMER) choice.

And as others have pointed out, you WILL be charged for flight time that was NOT actually carried out.

Hey turkey, also, do A total of all your "brief costs" and tell us here how much you have been robbed of.

Excellent Website by the way, I espescially love the ...

"Friends dont let Friends waste money at Pan Am Fort Pierce"

soo true hahaha
Although I am always up for a good joke, this may be a little too far. I am an Ex-customer like everyone else, but all this "information" is just hearsay and will go no where. The website is hilarious though. The place is a business, like all companies they want to suck all of your money out of you and in with the new customer. Just hearing the name alone I think of a cash register going "ching," and another sapp leaves. With the tremendous help of this website we all know that you can get the exact same ticket somewhere else for half the price, what else is there to contemplate.
I have had to cancel only 2 flights since I started training back on September 1 last year, and I did not have any trouble. I checked my account, and I was not charged.

As far as the ACE program, I volunteered to take it before commercial single. The "official" policy is still to do ACE after commercial multi.

Bottom line... if you stay out of the politics, and check your account once a month, you wont have a problem. Like myself.

The Turk.
Point being Turkey why should you have to check your account.

As far as the brief time goes this has definitley been brought up on our story with the yet to be named news organization. 1.4 is the brief time charged every hour of flight time. So lets say you do a 4 hour dual instrument cross country. Did you honestly get 1.6 hours of extra ground NO WAY not unless Jex is your instructor.

We want to hear stories from everyone so that we can add it to the website. I am currently submitting the website to a ton of major search engines and it should come up right under Pan Am on a search. This will really get the word out to prospective students.

We will not rest until our demands are met.

We are also looking at taking out an ad in some Flying magazines. This website is the start!
Here is my favorite new lie from Pan Am that is posted on there website.

"30 Graduates Hired in the Last 2 months"

Now I am assuming they mean hired as instructors at Pan Am. This is why.

The only instructors that have gone to the airlines at Pan Am in Ft Pierce are:

1. Jason Borsdorf (Pan Am didn't help him nor is he an ACE Graduate. Jason went to SIU)
2. Brian Jackson (A student of Pan Am only for his instructor ratings and ACE)
3. Johan Hansen (Neither a Pan Am Graduate or an ACE graduate, and Pan Am didn't get him his job, he got it on his own)
4. Bruce Whitehead (Not a Pan Am student but took ACE. This job was someone owing someone at Pan Am a favor)
5. Ivy Rivera (Not a Pan Am graduate, only did ACE, and oh she washed out of training)
6. Jeff Bergman (A Flight Safety graduate did ACE but Pan Am didn't get him a job)

So thats 6 people from Fort Pierce. Pan Am only got 3 of them jobs. Oh by the way those are the only people Pan Am at Fort Pierce has gotten jobs since it opened its doors in Fort Pierce. Hmmm 3 people in 2 and half years you do the math. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE !!!!!!

Pan Am will blast you through your ratings quick but don't expect much after they get your money!!
did you forget that panam has a campus in phoenix? There were quite a few hired there. And also Jason did take ace.
Dude, McDonald's counts too.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Dave (current flight student - future fry chief
Hey Pure IMC trust me Jason did not take ACE. He thought about it because he would have to in order to keep his job but he got the call for the interview that day and never thought about it again.

By the way Mr. Phoenix Campus have 30 Instructors gone to the Regionals since January 1st? Didn't think so! If they did list all the names.
just curious, are you still at this school? If not when did you leave? Im not sure you have all the facts. You can pm if you want..
FPR, it’s very impressive you can guess my identity from only 2 posts. Your guess actually reveals more about your identity than mine.

I have never been charged for a no-show from cancelled flights. Yes, I’ve even had to cancel them because I was sick. If you are charged a no-show, it was because you were scheduled and didn’t show up. Do you know what happens when you’re scheduled at an airline for a flight and don’t show up? The point is not that I have to check my account balance to prove this. Every time I turn a plane back into dispatch my printed receipt gives me the Hobbs, how much my account was charged, and my remaining balance. It’s starring me right in the face that I wasn’t charged for cancelled flights.

And now you’re saying maintenance is being forced to fix broken planes, that is weird. Broken items are not ignored; if you do your pre-flight correctly you should be making sure the plane is airworthy. So were you busting regs on this?

Most of my instructors also give me the brief time. If they miss some here or there, a lot of them will make it up with a free ground session or two. You didn’t get all yours? That’s too bad, so why didn’t you say anything to your instructor about it? You are brave enough to say it here though when you’re anonymous, what a big boy you are.

Your web site, or more accurately web “page” is a start alright. A nice free web hoster, with your brand new anonymous identity attached to it. You need to include a forum on there, so you can hang out in there and live in your land of make believe. This is a real web site: And good luck with the magazine ad, sounds like a great investment for you.
Yes Pure IMC I am still at the school!

and Eric Norber(E7B) that reply was spoken like a true salesperson. Sell your Snake Oil somewnere else! Pan Am has there website we have ours! As far as maintenance these are things written in the tins that we check and take maintenances word for, as far as getting charged for things you didnt do I will let the multitude of respnses start from students on BS they got chrged for begin!

I urge all students to now write in all their BS charges, hmmm lets start with the charges you get if you run out of money in your account!