For Sale Cirrus Pilot Kit SR20 or SR22


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As mentioned the item(s) for sale is an SR20 or SR22 Cirrus pilot training kit. Everything is new and either unopened or unused. Items are a mix of publications and CD-ROMs that can be purchased together in a bundle or separately. This kit is in new mint condition and sells for $399.95-$499.95.
It contains:

1x S-TEC 55X Pilot's Operating Handbook

1x General Operations Manual

1x Cirrus EXP5000 Primary Flight Display (PFD) Pilot's Guide

1x Cirrus SRV,SR20,SR22 Multi-Function Display (MFD) Pilot's Guide

1x Garmin GNS430/GNC 420/ GPS400 Interactive Training CD & FDE Prediction Software

1x SR20 or SR22 Training Syllabus & Pilot Learning Plan (Binded similar to Jepp Binders) New & Unused

1x King School Practical Risk management for Pilots (New & Unopened) $49

1x Honeywell KGP560/860 EGPWS Pilot's Guide

1x Cirrus CATS Perspective CD-ROM (sells for $200)

I'm flexible with everything and I have two kits (SR20 and SR22) so I have double everything. Thanks for looking!
Sorry I forgot to put up the prices!

SR22 $400
SR20 $380 without CATS CD-ROM $225

I'm flexible, and willing to break up a kit
TO be more accomodating to those who PM me I have decided to lower the pprice on both kits. The new prices are...

SR20= $280 without CD-ROM $200
OKay I have found a SR22 training manual and I do have some fragments of booklets with it, Im lowering the price of the SR20 kit to $200 If you see something you want individually just ask about it! Here are pictures of what I have left.....




Yeah I got lots of hours in both the SR20 and 22, the checkout alone was around $3500-$4000 ask me if I can still afford to fly them......