Checkride Surveillance and Pass Rate


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Found a DOT audit of DPE checkrides while researching something else. Had this paragraph:
To determine the impact of an inspector observing the test, we analyzed information obtained from PTRS reports and supplemental information provided by the FSDOs, such as whether an applicant was on-board when the DPE was tested and the results of the test. At three of the four FSDOs visited, 70 percent of the applicants tested (33 out of 47) passed when inspectors observed the tests. In comparison, the overall pass rate for DPEs at the four FSDOs was 90 percent in FYs 1994 and 1995. This significant difference in pass rates suggests DPE testing procedures may be more stringent when observed by an inspector. In addition, the lower pass rate demonstrated FAA's preferred method of surveillance, observing a DPE administer a test to an actual applicant, was a more effective surveillance method to ensure DPEs certify only qualified pilots.

As if we didn't suspect.


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The day before I took my 767 type rating checkride...the instructor told me it would be observed by the FAA and there was a good chance of busting the checkride because the FAA inspector was known for a high bust rate.

Well...I flew within standards and didn't miss any questions on the oral. What's so hard about that?

Take that Mr. Instuctor!

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Makes me feel even better about passing my CFI initial on the first go with a Fed riding along. He had the nerve to say "I'm not watching you, I am watching him."

Thanks sir, but the ##### falls down on me in the end.