Cheap Tailwheel Endorsement


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I am looking to get my Tailwheel endorsement in hopes of landing a banner towing job. Currently have high performance and complex endorsements, instrument rated, commercial single and multi engine, and about 225tt. I am currently in North Carolina, but will be heading back up north for the holidays so I would be willing to drive else where to recieve a good deal on this endorsement.

Anybody know of an outfit that offers inexpensive Tailwheel endorsements?
(Or a lead on a low time job for that matter. Willing to move anywhere, but not trying to be instructor.)



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Where exactly up north?
i flew with plenty of different people. Around nj/pa

PM me for more detailed questions you may have


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Honestly, the cost is going to hinge on how quickly you learn. Some folks will get the requisite skill in 1-2 flights, others will take longer.


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Twitchells in Turner Maine has a 152TW available for instruction. I did mine there in 5 hours or so.


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Nah. My insurance covered me as soon as I got 10 hours in type and 2 hours dual.
Yeah - as an owner.

Solo rental or employee might be a different matter.

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