1. TexanHP

    CFI - 1200 TT, 800 TW (Advanced aerobatics & Warbird experienced)

    Hi! Currently instructing in the Chicagoland area and about to get my multi/com/inst addon in about a month to look for a jet job. If anyone has the need for an advanced aerobatics, tailwheel, or warbird instructor - feel free to let me know. Most of my time is in Extras (300L, 330LX/LT/LC) and...
  2. F

    Cheap Tailwheel Endorsement

    I am looking to get my Tailwheel endorsement in hopes of landing a banner towing job. Currently have high performance and complex endorsements, instrument rated, commercial single and multi engine, and about 225tt. I am currently in North Carolina, but will be heading back up north for the...
  3. hook_dupin

    Why Learn Tailwheel?

    Here's the reasons I came up with: Bigger picture, this is the intro video to a "Learn Tailwheel" series that I haven't quite finished yet. Thoughts and critiques are welcome...