Changes to Jet Careers website


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This question is for Doug, or maybe someone else in the know. I haven't visited the website in a long time, but noticed all the "gouge" topics that used to be on the left side of the main page have been removed. What happened to them? I remember a lot of good info being there.
what do you mean by "gouge" topics - the news topics?

it's been a while since the site changed skin....
I like the changes!!!!!!
Makes things look less cluttered, but then again since this is a pilot forum, we lose that instrument cluster look LOL.
Now that he mentions it, I can't see the menu on the front page myself?????

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Need Flash...I think Flash 5 or better...
Glad I'm not the only one!! I can get menu on my laptop and my wife's computer, but on my computer the menu no longer exists.

check your java version and your flash version - the menu was built with flash 6.0

so you may need to update your flash...
Hmmmm.......I just went to the Macromedia website and downloaded Flash 7. It took about 1 second and then said "Installation Complete"(????). Guess it is installed on my machine, but the Jet Careers main menu is still not showing up. Anyone know how to fix this?
I am having the same problem with my new Dell. Could it have been created in Shockwave - I can run flash on another website no problem. Just making suggestions.
on my computer at home i can see those topics, but i cant see them on my computer at work....weird
on my computer at home i can see those topics, but i cant see them on my computer at work....weird

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So the solution is to call in sick to work every time you want to check out JetCareers.

I downgraded the menu to Flash 5.0 so give it a shot again and let me know if it's not popping up.
Those damn computers. Everything looks great to the person who did the work but then there's something somewhere that makes another person's computer not work right.
I've got an old "electro slug-o-matic" with an old version of windows, ie and a slow processor that I test all of my changes on and usually if it runs on that, it'll run on everything.