CFII Checkride Advice Please


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Hey folks,

I have my CFII ride on Friday morning. I've been instructing for a year now, have about 700 dual given, and will be using the same examiner that I used for my comm asel and my CFI Initial. I know what the actual flight is going to consist of, and I know what the oral will consist of for the most part, but is there any advice you all think I need to be given in general about it?

Also, I'm just studying from the ASA Instrument Rating Oral Test Prep. Should that be sufficient for my knowledge... instrument flying has just been few and far between for me in the past year, so Im more brushing up on that stuff than I am worrying about teaching it. The teaching I'm having no p[roblem with, it is just the root material that I need to re-learn!!

Also might be important to add that it is in a Cessna 172R with G1000 avionics suite. I'm taking the one without the autopilot because I haven't had sufficient training in it to do the required demonstrations of the autopilot.

Advise away if you can think of something pertinent.



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Jwp, you going with Nan or Jennifer? If your going with Jennifer I can tell you what she goes over. I did my CFII-initial with her after I busted in OKC.


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since you have already have a good given amount of dual given you should be pretty comfortable with this checkride(i.e "teaching the examiner"). The only advice I can give is to study the Instrument Procedures Handbook, the Instrument Flying Handbook and of course our favorite the FAR/AIM.


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i don't think you're looking for advice. i think you're looking for a "You can do it."

Don't worry, you can do it.


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I just took this checkride last month and used the asa oral guide and was fine. The ride was easy I thought, teach a ground lesson, then demonstrate in the air along with a few other basic things that were simple as long as you're current. I think the examiner did more flying then I did, I just pointed things out he intentionally did wrong. since you already have a fair amount of dual given I wouldn't worry, the oral guide should be more then sufficient. I found the instructor cert add-on rides are waaaayyyyy less stressful then the initial was. so what was said above ....... you can do it!


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Since you have been teaching for a while that will help you. That’s good. The ground stuff should be a piece of cake, I wouldn't worry about it. Since you are flying a G1000 you might want to know the basics of the components of the g1000, know a little bit about ahrs etc. You certainly don’t need know everything.
The flying portion...I can give you this tip. If you screw something up, don’t give up, use it to your advantage. I did a completely stupid thing and almost blew my ILS. I just stuck with it and began talking through the whole mistake explaining how its a common and easy mistake to make but the important thing is to never stop flying the airplane and get yourself back were you are supposed to be etc etc. The examiner actually commented "very good" to me just seconds after I think he was getting ready to fail me!

Be ready for a lot of distractions during the ride, they want to know you can keep up with the plane and the student.

Big picture is, dont worry is a pretty easy ride!


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Jwp, you going with Nan or Jennifer? If your going with Jennifer I can tell you what she goes over. I did my CFII-initial with her after I busted in OKC.
I'm going with Nan. I used her for my Comm asel and my Initial. Great lady!
I would have used Jennifer for the ride though if Nanette weren't available.