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Hey @Autothrust Blue. What thread was it where you were talking about how you don’t have to be an introvert to be socially awkward?
At the request of my right honorable friend who likes foxes:

In relevant part:
Introversion and being awkward aren’t the same thing.

Michael Scott is the best (albeit fictional) example of this which comes immediately to mind this morning.

That guy is extroverted AF, and also ridiculously awkward, and while he’s a fictional construction, we all know someone exactly like him, too.


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Am working on my CFI and I am at the point where I am ready to schedule my ride. I called the Fargo FSDO; but they never returned my call. Maybe thought I was a crank caller. Spoke to 3 different DPEs, including one that my current instructor sent his last candidate to. One DPE has not done any rides in a long time owing to medical issues. He said he would be willing to do my ride, but it would be an observed ride. His comments to me when we talked - "No one passes this ride on their first attempt. Be prepared to spend a day doing ground stuff and maybe having to reconvene on the second to do the flying."

The other gentleman does his rides like most others around here. 3-4 hours on the ground + a solid 1.8 to 2.0 in the bird. A lot of the flying is by the candidate. Did not reach out to the other guy who also manages a flight school locally...
The FSDO's really do not do CFI rides anymore that I know of.

Send me a PM if you would like and I can give you some insight on the CFI ride. Use your resources, be confident. Maybe video record yourself over and over teaching a friend or a family member a ground topic. Watch the video and see how you can improve on eye contact, presenting things in a clear, concise, technically correct manner. Make the lesson plan fun, and exciting. Use visual aids and don't drag it out to long.

Don't be afraid of FAA observed rides. I have done quite a few of them where the FAA watches me, and have yet to unsat an applicant.

I am more proud of my CFI certificate than any other checkride or type ratings I did!

Best of Luck! Let us know how it goes!


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Why the ever loving F would I give a hoot about my tone or delivery with a group of people who bring up the worst moment of my life, almost constantly?
Generally speaking, in online BS sessions no one really gives a damn and most mean well. Certain personality types get more attention at times - the ackchyually dudes, drama queens, few others. That being said, there is still a certain level of bonding involved and even if most exchanges are poop slinging, I'd gladly buy that other person a beer (unless it's @SlumTodd_Millionaire - I would not want to offend his net worth :confused2:)
What I quoted you saying sounds like "You are mean to me, I hate you!.. same time tomorrow?"
C'mon man, no one is trying to bring your worst memories back.

Rolled up newspaper, pushing the turd down.


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Hey All... just wanted to provide a quick update. I did leave the state to attend an accelerated program and was able to successful complete the CFI ticket without any further challenges. I will say it was a completely different experience.

As with everything I always look for the learning opportunity in everything... after all... I am a professor by day!

I'm sure there were conversations that I could have had with the original DPE, but in the end I felt we held widely varied opinions on teaching, learning and effective communication :) The lessons learned will certainly be integrated into how I prepare the students I fly with.

Thank you for each of your insight... greatly appreciated!