CFI Glider to Sport Pilot CFI


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So I have done quite a bit of research on this topic and I am getting two different answers and having difficulty finding the FAA answer in the FAR's. To give you some background, I am a CFI Glider with 250 hours total time. I have my SEL private with 40 PIC. I am looking to adding a sport pilot CFI to my initial CFI Glider (I was offered a job if I get the Sport CFI so why not). My question is can I add on a Sport pilot CFI simply through what the FAA calls a proficiency check if I have 10 hours in LSA aircraft or do I need 15 hours LSA and 100 PIC in SEL? I believe the second applies to me because I already have a CFI initial in the eyes of the FAA and the second applies to those going for their initial CFI Sport. Thank you!


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your local FSDO phone number could help you answer that as well as help you introduce yourself