1. G

    CFI Glider to Sport Pilot CFI

    Hello! So I have done quite a bit of research on this topic and I am getting two different answers and having difficulty finding the FAA answer in the FAR's. To give you some background, I am a CFI Glider with 250 hours total time. I have my SEL private with 40 PIC. I am looking to adding a...
  2. hook_dupin

    For Sale '46 7AC

    <<-------------This fine piece of Americana is for sale. I haven't gotten to fly her in about two years now, so its time. 7AC with an A-65. It's LSA. About 1000 SMOH and roughly 4000TT. I have the logs since 1955. Fabric was recovered in 2008. It's currently in Stow, MA (6B6). I figure $22K is...