CFI Benefits - Insurance


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When, or if, ATP hires you as an instructor do they offer any benefits, such as health insurance? Do they offer anything for you when attending ACPP, like discounted insurance plans? The reason I am asking is I will be graduating this year and will no longer be covered by my dads insurance. What do you guys do for insurance, or do you just hope you won't need any? I'm a gambling man, but my parents aren't to keen on the thought of me not having any insurance, especially since I seem to injure myself constantly (had more stitches than I can remember).
ATP does not provide health insurance for its instructors. I have policy from Blue Cross & Blue Shield/Anthem that covers the big stuff and ER visits, for $68 a month. It has a high deductible ($1000) but I hardly ever go to the doctor, and thus don't use the outpatient benefits. I actually like this better, my old job had health insurance and I paid more and got less coverage.
Check into Fortis health insurance... Google it and you should be able to find the webpage. Easy and cheap. I paid under $300 for 6months. Good stuff!
Call the 800 # (1800-allatps) and ask for Diane with financial aid. She might be able to help you out with that and might be able to provide you with a letter for your dads insurance company so that you can stay on during your training being that it is full time (assuming you are doing the 90 day fast track). Of course, insurance companies are all different so it depends but give her a call and see what she can do.