byebye Maury Way


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I was just at the flight line this afternoon and ran into Maury Way who was saying his goodbyes. He has resigned from FSI and will be returning to Missouri to finish up bible college. From what I hear, the 15th will be his last day. Just thought that some of you alum might be interested...

Good luck Maury,
Hmm...interesting. He was pretty cool when he wasn't in one of his moods. Hell, I bet every alum on this board has probably flown with the guy- myself included. Does his leaving have anything to do with a rumor I heard about them giving most of the checkrides to the salaried instructors to save money?

Good luck Maury...FSI is losing a good instructor (despite whatever some people may say).
I had step 2 and step 3 stagecheck and cfII with Maury Way. Step 3 oral was at the Atlantic Grill!! CFII, he was in one of his moods, but if you get on his good side and show him respect, he's pretty cool... I would always ask him about the number of hours he has.(28 or 29 thousand) he always likes that •!.
Lets see I flew with Maury on my Step 3, 4A and CFI and it was a good experience everytime, I felt guilty when I got double 100's because I didnt feel I deserved it on my 4A, but he was a good examiner with alot of experience, I think there are many pilots flying out there today with a little bit of Maury thats rubbed off on them...I wonder who else will be doing the CFI rides or if JL wil do them all now?
I had Big M for all of my FSI checkrides, except the pre-solo stage check and the Step 2 (commercial maneuvers) ride...Basically, Maury signed off on all of my tickets...I always had a great time with the guy, learned a lot, and shared a bunch of great meals too(even had the pleasure of dining with "Mama" after 4B)...I even had one of my orals administered in his newly purchased RV, but we had to drive to the dealership to sit in it...Maury will be missed in Vero, and I will always look back on my checkrides with the fondest memories of Maury. was either double 100's or double 90's or you fail...I guess that came across as somewhat pompous...but higbie...with alot of hard work and sitting around in your office in too may someday be just like me..I mean you are already doing what I did my first three months there at KCDN....
Yep, I am sure getting alot of reading done.

Did get to play around in a Hawker 800 a few mins ago...the pilot was actually a very nice guy- willing to talk and show me crap until the passengers arrived. Well, back to the 172 now.
That how I kept my sanity while I was there, sitting in the cockpits of any biz jet that parked in front of the FBO, and on occasion one of the pilots would sit out there and go through checklists and teach me a few things...I guess they figured they would rather be doing that than sitting in the lounge watching reruns of MASH at max volume because our favorite line guy is deaf from too many Alabama concerts...
Excuse me, but could you please stop bursting my bubble? I'm just getting started on the CFI flying and I'm sure that dream job is just around the corner!

Yeah, probably did not want to hang out with D.T.- he actually asked me (in comparison to D.T.), "You're not from Camden, are you?"

But its good to at least have a job and get paid to fly...someday I'll catch a break for something bigger and better....hopefully before I go insane and start watching M*A*S*H too.
Had the Maury Way experience for 3, and 4A. Also got a full tour of the RV(I believe it was called Mad Dog). That guy will be missed, and thanks again for the 100's Maury.
I guess I have a different opinion.

I was of the understanding a professional CFI and examiner would grade you based on your skill and knowledge demonstrated during your oral and practical.

Not based on whether or not he was in the right mood.
Spoken like someone who was forced to take a checkride with him when he was in one of his moods.

And for the record, the one and only checkride I took with him was Step 3 (pvt. multi), and I only got double 85's. I must suck.
I had him for three checkrides. There were 2 good mood rides and 1 very bad. The secret to a good score was to bring along doughnuts. For 4A and CFII, I got double 90's, and for CFI I got passed by the skin of my teeth.
You had to show Maurey a little bit of balls....I had him for a couple of rides and as long as you could show you were a competant pilot, knew your stuff, and didn't get him killed he was fine. If you went in there unsure of yourself, nervous, timid, meek, etc.... he would tear you a new ass.