Blood in the water!

You don't need to intuitively see the yoke to know what the guy is doing. Paying attention to the instruments (especially attitude / heading ) would have saved them, when they already knew "we don't have any good airspeeds here."

You can't say Birgenair was a CRM issue and this AF was not? The AF accident was a serious failure in CRM.
God you're dense. That isn't what ATN was talking about. If you want to have a completely different conversation then do so with the guy who was bringing up the subject. I was trying to clarify an obvious misunderstanding you had, lesson learned.
I don't care about dispatch reliability. I care about not plummeting to the ocean in a perfectly good airplane just because the guy in the left seat can't tell that the guy in the right seat is pulling back on the stick in the middle of a stall.
You've never rode on spirit.

At the end of the day each airline configures it's aircraft according to their needs (seat pitch of which spirit offers none). But between riding on generic mega carrier's Airbus vs their Boeing, most would agree the Airbus seems more spacious (as the #'s would confirm).