ATP written prep for iDevice.

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Who has used an ATP written prep app, which one did you use, and would you recommend it?
Getting close to the magic numbers (need 50 more long x-c hours) and hoping to do my ride somewhere warm and sunny this winter, but I figure I should knock out the written soon. I have a study guide but it's probably 5 years old and I'm under the impression the FAA has been changing stuff recently.
Edit to add: suggestions on a place (preferably warm and sunny that Alaska Airlines flies to) to do the training and the ride are also welcome.


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Aviation Exam S.R.O. has a subscription based app. ASA has an app for 9.99. Lastly Dauntless has an ATP for 34.99.


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I used the ASA app for when I was away from my computer. Sheppard Air is light years beyond better than anything for iOS.


I've heard great things about Sheppard, but when I was studying for the ATP they didn't support iOS. I ended up going with dauntless and was happy with the product and the results. I don't think it was any more than $40.


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Another for Sheppard. I would find a PC to use or download it to your OSX machine, it is that good.


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I bought "Prepware ATP" by ASA for my ipad. I didn't have too high of expectations, as I would mostly be relying on my Gleim book and software, but for $9.99 it seemed worth a chance. Looking back I hardly used it at all. I simply disliked the ipad interface for studying- for me the book is most effective. If I knew what I know now I would not have bought the App.


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Sheppard support says they expect to have an "app" version in a couple months. That was last week via phone with them.


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+1 for Sheppard Air. I used them in May and they were great. The program design was a bit dated but functional. They do update the questions quite regularly and the program automatically updates when you open it.


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I bought Sheppard Air, studied for a few days here and there, and got a 93%. Worth every penny and more.

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We'll see how long it takes them to develop the iOS app...probably I'll just download it on the pilot room computer and study during breaks/weather hold. Does buying it once allow you to use it on multiple machines?


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Sheppard Air X25, They will only let you use it on one computer. They are masters of exam prep!!


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You can take the exam at UAS. Do the 135 written. Memorize the weight and balance questions.
Go to San Diego. I recommend Grey Eagle out of CRQ (Carlsbad). They had the best rates for a twin in the area, plus the dudes running the show are good fellows.

I'm not sure you've already purchased the software, but I recommend Shepard as well.