ATP in VA?


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Is there an ATP in Richmond Va? If so what courses do they offer? Their WEB site shows Richmond but when you look at the programs it doesn't list it as a training base. I E-mailed them and asked what they offered in VA. Well all they seem to want to do is sell me something. I am on cruise now so I can't call them. All I wanted was a simple answer to the question -Do you offer training in Richmond Va and if so what? I would think that would be simple to just shoot a reply E-mail with the answer in it. Maybe I am confused.

I am looking for all ratings up to Commercial and figured since I live in VA Beach that Richmond would be close. I may just go to the FBO or maybe the Langley flying club I guess.
I learned to fly at the Langley Aero Club, and they have grown a lot since then. Good place to do ratings, and I wish I could still use their facilities.

I know ATP has a location in Manassas, not sure about Richmond though.
We do have a location in Richmond. It is at Richmond International at the Jet Center.

The site is a smaller site, so it does not offer the Commercial Pilot program /Career Pilot Program /private pilot/ total instructor.

WE do offer all of the Add on ratings and ATP courses.
That includes MEI, MEII, ATP written/practical, and other add on ratings.

If you have any more questions send us an email again.