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CVG, BOS and LGA for DLTA CNX. actually, I am not positive on the Delta connection, maybe someone else will clarify that.


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I used to throw bags at ACA @ IAD. There hiring like crazy right now.. I used to be good friends with the ACA's chief pilot Jim Jennings who sent me off to flight school in ORL....My user name explains the rest....Cool company but ALOT of things have changed...P.S DO NOT INTERN FOR THIS COMPANY.....Its a joke

ATA stole my money........


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all the interns I talk to hate it.. When they rotate to the ramp depatment we really made em sweat, they also fill the printers at the gate for the flight releases....


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ACA has canceled a couple of classes toward the end of the year, but things are still on track and I've heard that ACA is planning to hire 300+ next year. The company is still accepting resumes.

It's a great company to work for and this is a fantastic time to be here. We have added numerous routes and are taking delivery of a multitude of new CRJs.

Qualifications are:

Must possess a valid passport upon completion of training
Have authorization to work in the United States
Have 1,800 hours total time, 350 multi-engine
Have 1,500 hours total time, 250 multi-engine, with a four year degree
Have 1,000 hours total time, 375 multi-engine with an aviation degree or military flight school graduation, 200 hours part 121 experience
Have 600 hours total time, 100 multi-engine for special "Bridge" programs normally associated with aviation universities. (helicopter time counts towards these figures, but you must have 200 hours fixed wing time and current in fixed wing aircraft)
Have the proper U.S. Licenses & Certificates
Hold a current FAA Class II medical certificate
Hold a Class I medical
Pass FAA-mandated drug test & PRIA background check
Be able to read, and speak English clearly and fluently
Hold a commercial license
Have a Radiotelephone Operator's Permit
We prefer our pilots to have an ATP license

Apply via fax to (703) 650-6480 (Attn: Shawn Nicol / Pilot Recruiting);
mail to Atlantic Coast Airlines 515 Shaw Road, Dulles, VA 20166; or
email to

Just in case anybody wonders, this is all available on and it cut and pasted from there. I'm not involved in hiring in any way, but I'll help you if I can. Good luck.

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How to you obtain a radio operators permit?? and what aviation colleges or schools are they associated with having a bridge program?


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The radio permit can be applied for from the FCC website if you have a pilot certificate. Very easy box to check on most airline appications.

Independence Air (formerly ACA) has pilots on furlough with more to be furloughed. I doubt their bridge programs are active at all at the moment.



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The radio permit can be applied for from the FCC website if you have a pilot certificate. Very easy box to check on most airline appications.

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I believe it's form 605 and it should be free for the license. I think you also have to fill out a "CORES" form along with it for submission.

Here's the contacts page for questions_ sad. I remember they were a real powerhouse at one WAI convention. Everyone was talking about how they were "the place" to go...